Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A King's Feast

Henry Francis on the mysterious King's Chair, Bronte Ontario

Henry Francis in his new Camo print harness.

It was Thanksgiving here in Canada yesterday. Best of all the kids were here, including those from Montreal with our sweet grand daughter Emma. What joy she brings the entire family. She's at the stage of Peek-a-boo and other little games that make her laugh.

We celebrated with Sweet Mamma, now recovered from her hospital emergency, and the rest of family over a feast of ham and turkey with all the trimmings. I've given up on cooking a whole turkey, instead I get a double turkey breast pre-stuffed from the butcher. So much easier than a whole bird. My sister also does ALL the veg and potatoes and brings them pre cooked and mashed and ready to heat up. I can't tell you how much easier this makes preparing a feast. I also farmed out desert so my work load was minimal. 

Frenchie, our Lab rescue has adjusted to the crazy puppy-ness of Henry Francis, who is such a sweet boy and this weekend hinted at liking the boisterous little King
We posed Henry Francis on the King's Chair-a chair mysteriously carved in the forest along the walking path.

I think we all felt like Kings and Queens this weekend with all the blessings we shared this Thanksgiving.


  1. I noticed late last night on my calendar that it was Thanksgiving for you but I was too pooped to type and went to bed..so a belated Happy Day! and so happy your brood, fur and otherwise could all be together....

  2. Happy Thanksgiving ! The entire tribe plus one tiny new member will be here for ours, in November.
    I am overwhelmed at the thought and quickly think of other things. I like the idea of letting others make dishes instead of it all being ME !
    I need a pup I think. or a kitten. a trip back to BA would be alright too ..
    besitos, C

  3. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Puppies, babies, pie - does it get any better than that?


  4. How lovely to share Thanksgiving with your family - your Sweet Mamma (so glad she recovered from her hospital trip) and your darling little granddaughter and the rest of your family - precious memories to keep.

  5. All hail King Henry Francis! Great shots Chania.
    You are so smart to d i v v y out the meal 'courses'......you were probably able to enjoy your family much more. happy belated Thanksgiving.

  6. King Henry Francis looks very regal sitting on his throne. I'm glad you had all your family around you for Thanksgiving. Such fun. We had none of our kids this year for the first time, but were lucky enough to have some friends from France visiting so it was fun to show them around.

  7. Whole Turkeys, for Christmas, have only recently been available here in France, so we are now able to continue the tradition. I do prefer a whole one for all the little extras, Turkey stock, etc; in most countries it's probably a lot cheaper too (although, sadly, not here).


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