Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I have searched a long time to find the right table for my front hallway. It proved to be quite elusive. I have tried no less than 8 tables since I've lived here. Some too small, some too large, wide, formal etc. I think I've found the right one at last. My house is tiny and the hallway quite dark and cramped. I bought this new, but old looking saw horse table, and it fits nicely into the space, still allowing just enough space for Sweet Mama's wheelchair to pass through. Smack in the middle of this wall is the door bell box and a light switch, making it impossible to hang most mirrors. I found this tall, skinny mirror in a second hand shop and it worked really well there. I balanced the space with a pair of photographic prints of Cuba and a pair of found antlers. Baskets are a must n this house to store boots and shoes, dog leashes, dog toys etc. These came from Home Sense and work well to contain the "stuff".  I have removed all the carpet on my stairs and, given I have an old cat and dog, I opted NOT to re-carpet or fork out for new wooden stairs, opting instead to sand the old builder grade stairs and paint them with White porch paint. It's looking much cleaner and fresher and the costs is $40.00 for the paint plus my time. 

Speaking of the house being small....the dining room is very narrow and with a large cabinet and table and chairs, it becomes a frustrating squish into the room when entertaining. We moved the cabinet to the other side and have pushed the table over to the right. The plan is to add banquette seating on the wall under the blackboard so 3 or 4 people can sit on that side, giving ample room to walk about the room. The bench design is in the works. I don't have a drawing yet, but it will be tufted and it will be PINK.


  1. Love seeing you Chania. I like your ideas, I learn from you. Most of all, I like your steps out of the box and changing things up.

    Pushing the table off center with a bench design, tufted and pink . . . I hope we'll get to see . . .

  2. The table looks great! I love that it is not 'over the top'. Living in a small home I know how hard it can be to find pieces that fit your space, in both the practical and the aesthetic sense.

  3. You've gotta love it when the perfect piece for a difficult space magically shows up. I love the whole scene, from the table to the mirror to the art and accessories. You do such a good job in pulling together different elements, things from other cultures, and a variety textures. The result is a truly unique and personal home. I think this inspires others to do the same-- to decorate with what we love and what makes sense to us. I always look forward to seeing more of what you are up to, like creating a pink tufted bench. You've piqued my curiosity!

  4. You make it look so easy Chania. I love how your home looks.

  5. I've been putting off painting our stairs for the longest time! Every time we're about to leave for a long weekend I kick myself for not remembering to do it LOL. Baskets are a great thing. I have open shelves on either side of my fireplace, and I've found baskets work very well to keep things organized and out of sight - mail, magazines, all that.


  6. Why is it that switches and electric boxes etc get put smack bang in the middle of the best walls? Builders/electricians revenge or joke? Table looks great Chania, and the wooden floors look fantastic.
    Love all your styling tricks. x


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