Sunday, January 12, 2014

Late start

Christmas Breakfast Table

Sofa and chair in Tampa cafe

pretty light fixture

fun ride

All you really need

Company for dinner brought wine and an old school flamingo

When in St. Petersburg, try Mazzaro's for lunch

A late start to the blog I know....Christmas and New Years at home, our first without boy child. We braved that well, knowing we would all be together with the baby for new years and then a full week in Florida with the whole gang. The cool weather in Florida didn't dampen our spirits and we delighted in watching 9 month old Emma take her first dip in a swimming pool, as well as having a full week of baby time, snuggles and smiles. Baby proved to be an A-1 flyer despite being in 4 airports in 4 hours instead of 2. We were happily enjoyed a lovely dinner  and nighttime swims while Girl Child fell victim to the Polar Vortex and was held captive at the Toronto Airport, first on the runway, then in the baggage claims, where one could feel somewhat relieved that several plane loads luggage never came, not just yours.

Ybor City in Tampa proved to be a fabulous spot to get a feel of the Latin Quarter of Tampa, Even though a man made a hand gesture of a gun shooting at me, I enjoyed my visit there. A family walk at Lettuce Lake Park disappointed the alligator hunters of the group, the scenery was beautiful. A dead dolphin on the beach saddened us during our walk as the boys had kite boarding lessons.

Our Florida neighbors met our kids and grand baby, all of whom we love to show off. We're proud of our kids! A few dinners and drinks with neighbors have kept things lively between bike rides along Coffee Pot Bayou and walks around town.

Our hopes were dashed for a sale of a property we hoped to sell, and my plans for a sun room addition in Florida are on hold once again.

Still obsessed with the housing market in St. Petersburg and wish I had money to invest. I walk the neighborhood and love the historic old homes and gorgeous tropical gardens. Still great bargains for those wishing 260 days of sunshine a year.

2014 goals are simple.

paint the rooms in the house that have needed painting for 8 years.
save more
spend less
invite more people to visit us in Florida
see a couple of shows
walk more
bicycle more
take more photos
buy a kayak
knit something

pool at night

Henry Franics by fire


family love

Lettuce Lake Park, Tampa

Ybor City Tampa


  1. I love night swims! Your Florida home looks like the loveliest and most relaxing of getaways - and there is nothing like time with the grandbabies!

  2. Sounds like a perfect holiday. <3
    Happy New Year and I hope all your goals are met :D

  3. Been missing your blog. Sounds like a wonderful holiday, even the extended holiday. Babies do show us a new view of the world and all that love! Heartwarming.

  4. My husband and I love Ybor City. We stayed there overnight when we were seeing a concert in Tampa, we were driving back to our hotel and it was after, there were some interesting characters roaming around! A lot of the girls we thought were prostitutes but they were just night clubbers.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Spending time with your family in Florida sounds perfect. Polar Vortex in Toronto - not good - glad your daughter managed to get a flight. We've had so much rain over here, I'm dreaming of holidays in the sun.

  6. The only thing keeping me from seriously considering a house in Florida ( and St Pete is so nice!) is that little baby boy here in NY.

  7. so good to see you post again...... I wish that I had the money to invest in property in Tampa....we LOVE the gulf coast although we go to the panhandle....Cape San Blas, Seaside....... but Tampa looks lovely.

  8. Glad you are back. We are planning a trip to visit my mom who has a place in Clearwater but would like to go to St. Petersburg. Do you have suggestions for a good spot to hit that is not the typical hotel scenario. Something smaller and a bit funky?

  9. sounds like your holiday break has been a good one! Wish. I had cash to invest in Florida - everyone needs a little love shack in the sun!

  10. It sounds like your holiday was lovely! During the polar vortex, all of us affected by it were envious of those of you beyond its reach. I am glad the family was able to gather and enjoy one another despite that nasty weather. I always enjoy hearing of your adventures in Tampa/St. Petersburg. Your 2014 goals are right in sync with mine. May good fortune smile upon you this year.

  11. Makes me happy to know your time has been spent with family and fun. Good to have you back.

  12. Beautiful inspiration beautiful family fun!
    Going to go an catch up on all the most recent postings that I have missed out on :)

    See you soon.

    Beautiful week to you, one that inspires the most.


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