Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bits and Bobs

These are not porn stars...I practicing nudes for art class

Tree Cozy

Building a room around these doors.

Sunoco gas bar. Pick up a coke, gum or a stun gun
I drawing bodies for art class. Lucky for me as I hate sketching clothes, drawing nudes is a great way to practice drawing.  I do lack a model, so I'm using my imagination. The second girl clearly has fake boobs and a scary eye, but the first one is making eye contact. One thing I can't draw is hands, so I just left them out.

We're building a  sunroom in Florida. Nothing started yet, but the entire addition is going to be worked around these 100 year old Indian doors. Contractors going to love me.
If you are ever in St. Petersburg, take a gander through the Dali museum of course, but then wander up Central Avenue to explore what the art community has been up to.
Our trees in Canada could have used sweaters this Winter.

While you're paying for your gas, pick up a coke or a stun gun...they work! 


  1. Who knows . . . we may take a walk up Central Avenue next week . . . wish you were here.
    I like the doors, look forward to sunroom dreams . . .

  2. One of my roommates after college was an art teacher. She told me that no one feels that they can draw hands, so she made her students do at least 2 hand portraits - one of the back of their own hand, and one of a friends. Sometimes you have to make yourself do what you hate LOL.


  3. I can't wait to see your Florida sunroom!!!!!

  4. Wondering if you can recommend a good vet in Oakville.



  5. Those doors are a wonderful inspiration piece for your sun porch. I cannot wait to see the end result. I love seeing the knitted sweaters on the trees.... cozy. Ann


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