Sunday, November 23, 2014

Advent Clandar

The count down to Christmas is so exciting for children. I've always bought advent calendars for my kids, but this year, now there's a little one, I decided to make a family one. I went to Michael's and bought 2 packs of these little unbleached cotton sacks. I stamped the numbers on using black paint. I then went in search of a branch or something I could hang them all on. That wasn't too successful as it was too lopsided. I found a metal piece out for trash. It is one of those metal stands to hold an election sign on the lawn (or window, handyman etc companies). It was a bit sharp and rusty so I wrapped it in Jute twine gluing it as I went.

I filled the treat bags with chocolate teddy bears, snowmen, lady bugs, santas etc and hung them from the wire cage. Some I hung on a piece of festive twine so they would hang lower and the rows would sit right. I finished it with a few little ornaments and it can be easily leaned against a wall on the mantle. I am excited to anticipate the little one looking in the bags each morning to find her treat.

Girl Child's sweetie is thousands of miles away. She hasn't seen him in a month and will next see him on December 24th. She wanted to make a countdown calendar for him. She stamped wedding favor boxes with the dates and then filled each box with truffles, santas, snowmen and a few more grown up treats such as miniature chocolate liqueurs. In each box she wrote a little note folded and closed with a tiny clothes peg. 

We had so much fin making these. There are so many ways to create a personalized advent. And far better than those horrible waxy chocolates in the grocery store advents.


  1. wow, was für tolle bilder!!! einen schönen abend wünscht angie

  2. I love this. I am holding on to these ideas. You are so creative Chania!! My son is not going to be here this year so I am sending him a care package. This gives me great ideas. Thanks

  3. I too love advent calenders. I bought a wooden one for my two nieces, now they have 2 more sisters and a brother. It is getting harder and harder to fit things in. What a great idea for your daughter's hubby. What a great memory.

  4. Brilliant, adorable, so Chania! What a pleasure to see your creativity again. i so miss you! Hope you are well! Thinking of you!

  5. Both calendars are beautiful and ingenious. Lucky recipients.

  6. You are so bloody clever chania x

  7. You always have such wonderful creative ideas Chania. I love these!

  8. You bring so much cheer . . .
    great idea . . .for your little one and I loved the boxes for your daughters love . . .

  9. These are adorable Chania. I saw you at Mise's and had to come and see what you are up to and it is lots it seems!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. We have a wooden one with tiny cupboards with doors. When my eldest was tiny she decided that a fairy left us gifts, so we are the only people I know with an Advent Calendar Fairy! Her younger sister is looking for one for her little boy right now. I sent her a link to this site.


  11. Super cute!!! Thank you for joining us at Love to idea, good luck!!!



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