Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 Interior Design Show Toronto

I attended the Interior Design Show in Toronto today for Trade Day, which is always an interesting day out and a great way to meet up with design friends, as well as to see what' hot.  My favourite exhibitor today.....this installation of pink paper lanterns and a very dark (you can hardly see it) kitchen.  Can you guess what big box vendor this was.....IKEA.

My second favourite was Montauk. The whole "room" had blackboard walls with literally designs chalked on them.  Montauk makes fabulous sofas.  Huge enough to have a party on. 
This one surprised  me.  This is back from bankruptcy with a new view on hip. London Calling style.  I loved the raw wood table set with jadeite. Newly made Jadeite.  (I checked for vintage)

Top-Carpets by Weavers Art.  Pillows by Textiles Students at Sheridan College.  Cool light fixture
Pillows silkcreened with maps.  Embroidery from Caribbean Design....a Trend I forecast save your vacation treasures..................
Ultra chic pink.  1/2" tile of the products that I really liked .............. 
Naked chair frames from Gresham favourite furniture manufacturer.Most comfortable couch.

I was reading a couple of blogs this morning and read this post from Kelly at Jax Does Design.  She is in Town from Ottawa for the show and posted a photo of herself this morning.  I walked into the show, grabbed a coffee to nuzzle and the first face I see upon looking up was Kelly's.  I asked if she was Kelly (I've never met her) and told her I read her blog that morning.  Small World.  Check out he blog today because was was taking a lot of pictures, plus she attended last night's opening party and met a few TV designers including our Tommy Smythe..........................................................................................................................


  1. Wow! That's really interesting stuff. I did entertain the thought of going this weekend. It would be interesting for sure.

  2. Just wait til I show my daughter that London Calling Room...she will go crazy! Sounds like a fun show Chania...thanks for giving us non-designers a look-see!

  3. Hey GORGEOUS....!

    THANKS SO MUCH for your note Chania....Your vote of confidence means the WORLD to me & I APPRECIATE the reminder re organising a website....ahhhhhhh....So MUCH to do.... :o) !!

    Oh I would have LOVED to have attended this Trade Fair with you....!

    The Ikea space with the lanterns ROCKED big time....That's EXACTLY what I had in mind last year with the first SVJ-X but I went with the hand made pom poms instead due to the expense....If I could get a GREAT deal though on lanterns like these I'd be onto it in a heartbeat....!!

    Montauk's use of blackboards was another AWESOME idea....! Up Country's use of flags was WAY COOL & I LOVED the dif style chairs on the wall....So so SO wish I could have seen it....!!

    I'm SAVING this post as a FAVE so I can show my vendors when we start preparations for the next SVJ-X....!

    As ALWAYS Lovey you feed my insatiable desire for INSPIRATION BRILLIANTLY....!!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. Very cool Chania, it sounds like the perfect way to spend the day!

    Kat :)

  5. Really digging those lanterns. Now what room needs those> hmmm?


  6. OMG!...I know that was fun!..and meeting Kelly at Jaxs does Design(a fellow bloggy), had to be exciting...thanks for sharing.Love to see creative design!And these are incredible!

  7. Really great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I had planned to go to the show this weekend with D. But unfortunately hockey got in the way as usual and I didn't want to brave the cold to go Toronto all by myself.

    MMMMMMmmmontauk. *Sigh* one day.

  8. I was there on opening night as well (I missed seeing Kelly, but did see lots of celebrity designers. It was a great show wasn't it.

  9. Canada has a lot of great designs and designer. Slightly jealous.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  10. Wow you got some amazing shots,and all different from the ones I took,funny how we all gravitate towards different things. It was a great show!


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