Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bonne Maman!

When some people go to Vegas, they comeback with a wife, a secret (so the commercials like to make you think) or a pile of cash from the poker tables. Me, I pocketed 3 mini Bonne Maman jams. 
Over breakfast, I was excited when the waiter brought a little basket of these lovely little jams.
After we had eaten them all I asked him to some more so I could mail them to a Welsh blogger.  Being Vegas, they don't bat an eye.  No one is weird in Vegas.  He just slapped 3 more down on the table. 
I stashed them in my regulation size poly bag with my cosmetics and made it through security, past people having to toss their water and liquor. 
When, I got home I emailed Mise at Pretty Far West to get her address to mail them out.
For whatever reason, she didn't get it, and they sat on my windowsill relatively forgotten, until today when Mise posted THIS.  It seems she had already found some minis to go with her magazine famous collected of Mama Size Bonne Maman.

I love miniatures of food.  I like those little Heinz bottles, mini mustard all of it.
Does anyone else like food minis.


  1. Himself's Army rations used to have the cutest little bottles of Tabasco sauce. They are smaller than my little finger.

  2. I used to see things like this mother in laws used to have mini things...but come to think of it I have not seen these in a long time. It is so kind of you to be thinking of others even on vacation.

  3. I've once had devonshire tea with my Mum in a gorgeous tea garden, and these same mini jams were served, and it was excellent presentation apart from delicious. I'd love to go to Vegas one day...

  4. Ah, this post gladdens my heart. They are so cute and self-contained and pretty. And thank you again for thinking of me; I'll remember my friend Chania in Canada whenever I look at my own minis.

  5. On a trip to the Oregan coast, I couldn't resist coming home with a mini apple juice can, it's the size of a tomatoe paste can....TOO CUTE!

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  7. I miss my Bonne Maman !
    They sold it here when we arrived, I bought my jar of Strawberry preserves , happy that there was something familiar here that I loved.
    That was the last jar sold in Buenos Aires.
    I never knew there were minis.
    It doesn't really matter now .. weeping...

  8. I love the miniature Bonne Maman. They are too sweet to leave behind. xx

  9. I love food minis. Actually, I love mini anything. I once had a dollhouse (as an adult) that I was building. Unfortunately it got thrown out in one of our moves.
    I'd love to build another one.

  10. They're really cute! I may have smuggled a few baby jams jas out of a posh establishment up my sleeve once...

  11. When I went to visit my sister last November,she packed a pic nic lunch with those little mini condiments her hubby brought home from business trips. It was so nice to have some Grey Poupon mustard on my sandwich at the picnic. They are so cute!
    I also saw a story about news reporter Cokie Roberts. She loved Tabasco so much she traveled with a crate of those little mini bottles that Teri commented about above.~Ames

  12. This is my very favourite jam...I think I would use the whole mini jar on one piece of toast!

  13. I love this brand of jam. I have never seen the minis.

  14. I love that jam - so yummy! I love minis, especially the mini ketchup and mustard and the little mini glass bottles of Coke! :)

  15. i'm so glad to read this!!! i thought i was a nutter bringing an empty miniature jar home from paris. i was terrified thát customs would look through my bag and think what kind of nutter is this chick?!!!

    so glad i'm not alone xx

  16. I think miniature food is cute too! And my husband has a serious addiction to Bonne Maman Strawberry preserves. Apparently he's storing up for the end of the world, I think we have no less than 6 jars in the house right now, and he just ate some with breakfast this morning!

    Kat :)


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