Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cottage Photo Dump

No closet in the master, just pegs.

I am stealing this idea for a Photo Dump from the lovely Mark at My Simple Life, whose blog I found recently and really enjoy reading. Wicked sense of homour that boy has.  I am feeling nostalgic for the cottage, to which we haven't been lately due to weekend commitments.  Plus I am somewhat disconnected from it lately.......................

With the cottage Maybe Sold (should know next week), my thoughts have been on what I have there to keep or sell.  The buyer has expressed interest in a lot of the furnishings, however we may end up having to bring the whole kit and caboodle home with us.  There's really nothing new in the whole place, except for the beds and sofa.  Everything else came second hand from thrift shops, antique or flea markets.  Especially for this place.  I am going to hate dismantling it. For almost every piece, I remember where I bought it and who I was with.  These pieces are not just furnishings, but were part of my adventures and days out with friends.

Made from an old shutter, this peg rack holds towels and nighties in the bathroom.
My bar stools and old cupboard....I bought that the day of my bosses funeral.
 We had arrived way too early for the service, parked and had coffee.
 We then found this shop beside the Church. 
Even though it may seem odd to shop on the day of a funeral,
 I think of him fondly when I see this cupboard.
 It reminds me of that sad day, but what a wonderful, gifted man he was.
He used to take me for lunch on my birthday. 
His funeral was on my birthday.

My super comfy "napping sofa" with the wall of mirrors behind it.
My mums old wing chair in it's new slipcover. 
Hooked pillow by Canadian artist Micheline Mann.

Sea blue accessories just worked so well in here.....

Wall of mirrors reflecting the vintage rose paintings.

Reflection of my old boxes...a bit of an infatuation for me


My yellow Cubbie with my snow globes.....

Not sure why I bought a kids chair other than liking the colour. 
It serves as a door stop most of the time.

My favourite cabinet has alligator like finish....
It will leave a huge gap if I have to take it down, plus huge holes in the walls.

French market bag...a gift from my SIL.
She bought so much stuff in Lyon, she had to buy bags to put it in.

And the kitchen counter is covered in odd Bits.

I have been trying to decide if I should offer to sell them the entire contents, as is.  Perhaps they like and will use all the Bits.

Because it all seems to go with the place.  Most of it will not work in my city home, and will be too costly to ship to Florida.  But now I am putting the cart before the horse as it is still not really SOLD.


  1. It looks amazing. I would move right in if it were me buying it. But again, it's hard to let go of those things that have such sentimental value.

    You could make sure you have really great pictures of them all and make a scrap book to remember it all. What am I saying! You probably already have some great pictures of it all.

  2. Beautiful!! So many memories, I can understand why you would want to take things along.

  3. You home is just beautiful, loved looking back at your dining room in an earlier post as well. All the best with your move!


  4. I love the story of the cabinet. Not freaky at all. I love pieces that bring to mind a person. Kit

  5. Just take the stuff you really like and sell the cottage furnished. It might be more alluring that way...ready made relaxation!

  6. So many beautiful things to look at! Love all of the detail! Thank you for sharing!
    Have a pretty day!

  7. It all works together so beautifully that I think you need to keep it all. I absolutely love that hooked pillow, and the cutlery box, and the door knob, and the cupboard, and the chair, and all of it. Good luck with the sale - adding the contents would be all the incentive I needed to buy it.

  8. If I were buying it, I'd say leave it all. However, if I were selling it, I don't think I could part with those treasures. Love that chair!

  9. I have that to with certain pieces , they remember me of good times.. You could make a picture of every thing and collect it in a memory book maybe ;)
    I love the blue cabinet with the boxes on top! Looking really great... thanks for popping in !

  10. I always loved that cottage and all the beautiful touches you added to it. I can't imagine having to part with it so soon and the heartbreak it must bring. That said, I guess you have to be pragmatic and take only what you truly love and can use elsewhere. It sounds like the potential buyer likes your style so I would be tempted to leave as is except for a handful of things to take with you as a memento of your lovely cottage and all the times spent there and collecting all the treasures.

  11. I love all the "Bits" in your cottage. Hopefully, everything will come together soon.

  12. Beautiful. I am so glad that you decided to steal my idea(that I stole from someone else). And leave it to you to add a twist to it. What a great idea and I'm dying over those photos. Please, keep the cupboard if you have a memory of a great person connected to it.
    Take care.
    Happy Mother's Day.
    Your Friend, m.

  13. Such beautiful things, each with its own special memory...that is what truly makes a house a home! Fingers crossed the new owners will want it all and will love it as much as you do!

    Kat :)

  14. Great eye candy thanks for sharing.

  15. So your boss took you out for that last birthday too. I like thatbit.

  16. You are selling your cottage? I love all the stuff! I think you should keep anything you think you would regret selling. Don't know if that helps. Am I reading you bought something in Florida? Nice!

  17. Can't wait to see your place in Florida! I would take the stuff that has sentimental value with me. So pretty, it would be hard to leave any of it behind.

  18. Oh, I love the style of the place! I am a lover of boxes and snow globes and pretty much everything in there.

  19. I've just joined your blog, so I don't know much about your cottage other than it is simply lovely. It has all the things I would love for my own! Your pieces will be so hard to give up, but I'm sure you will always carry the wonderful memories!


  20. my fingers are crossed that it sells!!! i love all your vintagey touches in the cottage. i thought of you on saturday while i was watching "sarah's summer house"...hope you saw it too. what a fantastic place!!


  21. I love your little yellow cubbie with the snow cones. Just gorgeous!

  22. Fingers crossed for you, it'll all be settled and sold and you can start a new chapter.

    P.S. If it all comes home with you, you know I'd be more than happy to shop some of your goodies.


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