Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Weekend End.

I often think about what makes me content.  It's never about the stuff and always about the family.  Especially the kids.  Now that both live away from home,  I crave having both my "babies" home under my roof.  Of course I don't mean always.  I strongly encouraged both of them leaving the nest to see and experience the world and I actually find it fascinating when they come home to see the subtle nuances and changes and development in them.  But when they are both here is it magical.  Brandon brings Tracy with him, and my girl and Tracy are like sisters.  Then the best friend from across the street comes around and I have my small pack of favourite kids all around once again.  I love to sit and listen to them yapping and laughing and enjoying their company.  Then my Mum and sister come over and we all visit and chat and tease each other.

Today the kids decided to find something to do that wasn't related to malls, shopping or paid entertainment.  They went to the local Provincial park to check out the animals.  Armed with my camera and all the aging fruit and veg from the fridge, they bonded with the piggies at the park.

Yesterday we went to a family party and on the way home we sang all the songs that we sung to them when they were little.  Good Night Irene (the Raffi version) was a favourite.

When they are all here, before I fall asleep, I try to savour the moment.  You sleep just a little sounder knowing they are all here (I think of Tracy as one of them now).  As a parent you always have a small niggle of worry.  Do they have a safe ride home?, Did that cough of theirs clear up? Did they resolve issue that was worrying them?  You know how it is.......Tracy's Mum told me once that "You are only as happy as your unhappiest child".  I agree 100%.  So when they are together and you hear the laughter and happiness, it boosts you and full fills you and gives you  a sense of complete peace and contentment.

Tonight my sister and mother are here for dinner, and I see how their love for my kids envelops them also.

I know how the mama pig must feel  A contented sleep with all my piggies snuggled under my roof.

Goodnight Irene by Raffi

Foxes sleep in the forest
Lions sleep in their dens
Goats sleep on the mountainside
and piggies sleep in pens


Irene goodnight, Irene goodnight
Goodnight Irene, goodnight Irene
I'll see you in my dream

Whales sleep in the ocean
Zebras sleep on land Hippos sleep by the riverside
and camels sleep on sand


Coyote sleeps in the canyon
And birdie sleeps in a tree
And when it's time for me to rest
My bed's the place for me.


  1. Love it!

    This past week, my daughter's friend who moved back to England a few years ago, came for a visit. This meant that the four girls who are such good friends from high school spent the week together, all taking time off work to be with each other.
    It was nice to have them all in the house again, laughing and chatting and eating my home made chocolate chip cookies and pizza.
    You do tend to savour the moments that are precious - and in doing so, contentment is only a breath away. Aaahhhhhhh.

  2. How sweet, the song, the remembrances, the love you have! Just choked me right up.

  3. I remember that song! I think all mamas like to have their children home to visit.

  4. I often think about what makes me incontinent too, Raz. 'Goodnight Irene' was played at an old girlfriend's funeral once, and I will always associate the toon with that. X

  5. With Christopher out on his own, and booking his own flight from Calgary to Victoria to do his own university orientation, I am getting the idea of what it will be like...

    Soon Elizabeth will be off to Kenya and Uganda.

    I enjoyed your post as it has given me a glimpse into my own future.

  6. Tom did you know you said 'incontinent' ? I think I know what makes a person 'incontinent' LOL

  7. Ok, first of all I've been to a Raffi concert...yup, when my daughter was little. Thanks for that memory jog! And I can so relate to this post! Nothing makes me happier than to have all my little piglets at home, laughing, eating and just being themselves.

    Kat :)

  8. I think that pig has a smile on its face - just like we are when we're surrounded by the people we love, talking about old times, planning new ones. Wonderful. and I think I still have that Raffi cassette!

  9. Raffi was a huge favorite in this house. You know how I savor those special "everyone is home" moments...My nest is only half full but I'll take it :D


  10. What a wonderful weekend. I feel the same way when mine are here. It just feels right. And safe. Ann

  11. I love this post! Though I don't have kids, I feel the same way from the opposite side, when we're all together filling my mom's house with lots of noise and excitement :)

  12. We had all those Raffi song tapes in the car - sweet memories! Soon all my guys will be home for a bit and I'll feel that sweet contentment. Loved this post!
    xo Cathy

  13. What a lovely weekend, Chania. The last time my two children were home together was two and a half years ago, but you never ever stop worrying about them. How brilliant to have them both home together!

  14. Chania I adore your thoughts of family and these wonderful Images!! Very poignant.

    Art by Karena

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  15. ah fun!! love the photo's :)

  16. hello chania, it is great to hear from you again! when it comes to self-reflection and thinking what makes us content in life, it always boils down to the most simple, non-complicated, yet most important people in our lives. you have fun & take care! verbena cottage

  17. We sang a lot of Raffi when the kids were little. Our fav was Baby Beluga! We had a few baby belugas born at the Vancouver Aquarium when the kids were little so it was fitting!

    You are right about the quote, when your kids are unhappy you match their emotions. I feel what my kids feel. Love it when they bring home laughter and friends too!

  18. This is very sweet. My kids are little and I try to remember to slow down and savor the moments and to remember this time when I get to enjoy them nonstop. My heart breaks a little each time I see they've grown physically and otherwise as they need me a little less each time. But I see the worry never ends!

  19. We're a raffi house too! I grew up listening to him and now my boys are.

    This post makes me weepy! My little ones are still at home with me but I can imagine when they go off on their own, how my arms will ache to hold them!

    You have such an obvious love for your two kids, it's beautiful!


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