Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Wussies

See this lovely setting.  The pretty pond that has a family of swans, and fish and red winged blackbirds chirping loudly.  See that patch of grass which is at the bottom of the hill.  You might think it the perfect spot for a picnic on a summers evening.  You would be wrong.  It's a war zone. Home to Summer Boot Camp.  AKA Kick your butt into shape camp. 15 women, 1 man.  No wussies allowed.  I started on Tuesday.  I was forced to run (uphill), climb hills, jumping jack, lift weight bars, sit up (and over) and basically work myself to exhaustion in the heat of summer. You have to do EVERYTHING.  NO EXCUSES.  Even the ducks and geese are afraid to disobey orders.

Yesterday the instructor called to see how I was feeling.  Pretending it was a kindly follow up call, Commander Marcella was merely checking for insurance purposes that I was still alive.

I was pretty smug yesterday.  Hardly hurt at all.  This morning DIFFERENT STORY.  Lifting my arm to put on deodorant felt like wrenching it.  I groan with every movement.  Bending to place paper in the shredder is a task.  I need to move everything to the top of my desk. I feel EVERY muscle in my body has been.

Tonight I have to report for DUTY once again.  If you would like to SAVE me, drop by my house around 7:15, with any excuse you can muster to drag me away.............HELP ME PLEASE..........


  1. Ha ha ha - Commander Marcella and the insurance. I feel your pain - I remember exercising. The toughest for me was lifting my leg over the side of the tub to get in for a soak. Good for you, keep it up, and note that you will run faster when those nasty swans chase you!

  2. Ugh ! I like to ease into things... to go to boot camp, I would already have to be in good shape, or I would be dead at the end of the first day.
    Good luck !!

  3. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I started boot camp 3 months ago and it was brutal. I still have days when I cannot keep up, but being able to finally do 15 pushups in a row....worth every painful moment!

  4. I really admire your spirit and your get up and go. You can do it:)

  5. Oh my! Doesn't sound the least bit fun. Good luck!
    Where is this place? Close to Oakville? It's beautiful - too bad it is a reminder of great pain for you!

  6. Take it steady, Raz - that way you avoid heart-attacks and live longer. Smoke and drink too - giving up only enhances the sense of living longer.

  7. congrats and be careful...remember my personal trainer and my enthusiasm blew out not one, but both of my knees!
    just sayin..

  8. That sounds highly painful! What's a wussie? No don't tell me I think I can see one looking back at me in the mirror! Good Luck!

  9. Oh goodness, what were you thinking, my dear?

  10. what have you gotten yourself into? I admire your initiative but take it easy - it's all fun and games until someone breaks an ankle or suffers heatstroke! crazy woman! :)

  11. Keep it up ... you will be so proud of yourself when you finish. I admire you - I need to find something to push me.

    Go Girl!!! :)

  12. It will be worth it in the end. (Said smugly from the safety of her laptop.)

  13. It will hurt less each time you do it Chania! I remember being unable to lift my arms above my shoulder height after starting at the gym. We won't even mention how the legs give out when certain necessities must be performed! Good for you. Ann

  14. No pain no gain Chania. I friend recently told me when I was whingeing about running in the rain to "take a teaspoon of cement and harden up". Harsh, I felt. Hope you have some fun and feel fabulous once the initial pain stage wears off.

  15. Oh, I feel for you. Really, not laughing at all. I had a personal torturer, I mean trainer, and my friend and I couldn't sit, just sort of leaned back and dropped. Hoping to land on the chair, or toilet!

  16. I think it's so awesome that you're doing it. I will be cheering for you!!

  17. Oh dear, I am more of a slow and steady wins the race kind of gal. Be careful!

  18. You go, girlie!!
    I've always wanted
    to do a boot camp,
    but wasn't sure I
    was up for the task.
    I have done spinning
    from a real General-
    type, so maybe I'm
    ready!!! Be sure to
    get a massage : ) !
    xx Suzanne

  19. You are an inspiration, lovely lady!! You go girl, seriously...that is awesome and something I may have to consider!! Enjoy the long soaks in the bath tub, which I am sure will be heavenly and much needed following all your hard work! ~ Txx

  20. youch, but more power to you Chania!!! I should so being doing something like that, i'm such a procrastinator. Well done, and keep it up, i'm sure it will be worth it xxx

  21. ....hahahahaha....You GO GIRL....!!!!! The pain is ONLY temporary....Very soon you'll be looking forward to those endorphins like nobodies business....PROMISE....!!

    CONGRATULATIONS Chania on making the effort (though it FEELS extreme) to improve your health....Remember when Commander Marcella's yelling at you just repeat to yourself...."My body's a temple....My body's a temple"....That should drown out the irritating sound of your instructors voice & make you think YOUR the one pulling the strings....hahahahaha....Doubt me NOT....!!

    Happy BOOT CAMPING....!!

    Tamarah xxx

  22. Way to go You!
    I'm going to tell you a secret. Before your next exercise event, get some of this:
    Hydration is the difference between hurting and not hurting...and water alone does NOT hydrate.
    I've been cycling...long distances...I drink the endurance formula while riding (no muscle fatigue) and the hydration formula before and after (no lactic acid build up, ergo no muscle soreness or stiffness).
    It really works.

  23. Ha! Ha! I've sure missed your posts and your humor. I am so happy for you that you are doing something so hard but will surely be even more rewarding when you are done. The truth is many of us, myself included, need to do something like this. When you're exercising, just picture all of us who read your blog cheering you on.


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