Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tropical Garden

The elusive night flowering cactus

Nothing better than napping in the palms

I think this is Jasmine. It's right by the pool and smells heavenly of the most delicious smells ever in a flower

The bloom of a pygmy palm

We planted a hedge of hibiscus for privacy

Neighbors cactus

This one grows in the vacant house next door.

The Florida garden is a constant surprise and delight. Since most of the plantings were here when we bought the house, we have been lucky to just arrive and enjoy the gorgeous mix of native plants that are growing in abundance. We placed a hammock in a shady corner and can look up into the giant cactus that hovers over it. The cactus has many buds, but I never see the flowers open and often see the dead heads on the ground. The lawn guy told it it flowers at night and upon night time inspection I did notice it was in bloom. The blooms lasted into mid morning when they closed up again. It has the most gorgeous flower. The hibiscus continue to bloom, as well as jasmine and Frangipani-a flower I have only recently discovered. The garden is always full of birds and I've just hung a birdfeeder full of sunflower seeds. My neighbor has many wild parrots at his feeder, and I am trying to entice them over the fence.


  1. how can you bear to leave such a beautiful place? the pool looks fantastic!

  2. Amazing! Those are some beautiful flowers. Imagine a Hibiscus hedge!
    Enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

  3. I'm feeling a wee bit envious at this moment! Looks so beautiful and warm. You're a fortunate woman!

  4. It's good to have you back!

  5. Those flowers are breath-taking - oh for a bit of 'napping in the palms' - sounds like a little bit of heaven.

  6. I love seeing the flowers and cactus of Florida A cactus blooming at night must be such fun to see. The hammock corner is perfect for an afternoon nap and night time flower viewing. Continue to enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable time away . . . I like your new razmataz look.

  7. Wow, that is one gorgeous spot you have Chania!

  8. Confederate Jasmine smells heavenly doesn't it? There is actually some in the backyard here in SoCal too. Spring is surely in Florida when the Jasmine blooms in my opinion. Loved seeing all those familiar blooms, made me homesick! It all looks lovely. Ann

  9. Oh my, I can't imagine the luxury of seeing wild parrots! I would go crazy with my camera.

  10. Paradise! The scents must be breath-taking Chania. The blossoms are beautiful.

  11. Oh it all looks wonderful .. imagine, I lived in Buenos Aires in an apartment in the city and read about your gardens and pool and house ... and now here I am , about to move in to our new home in New York .. with a pool and one acre of gardens ! I will be emailing you all the time for advice :)
    I love all night blooming flowers, the scent and how romantic they are !
    besitos, C

  12. How lucky to inherit such gorgeous blooms! It all looks so pretty. Your blog is looking very pretty too :)

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