Friday, September 16, 2011

Fancy a House Boat? Plus a New Blog

I've been busy with a house guest.  An 82 year old man I've never met who is my father's brother.  Part of the family we found 3 years ago, 60 years after my father left home and never went back.  At 82, he made the journey from England to meet the "kids" he never knew.  He's very proud of his family and what they accomplished with so little.

Yesterday I took him down to Port Dover on Lake Erie.  Fed him a hot dog and a donut (the Canadian thing to do) and then we went on a boat cruise up the Grand River.  I was the youngest by at least 30 years on the cruise...which made me feel like I was 20 again.  Along the way was a company that takes old metal boats and renovates them into pleasure crafts.

 I think some of you chippy paint lovers would like this one.

And this is what they do with them. How's that for a makeover.

I wanted to introduce a  new blog to you.  I really do love young people.  Teenagers and twenty somethings are so cool and interesting, I can;t help being fascinated.  This is a blog of 3 sisters, all in the 20's, all in different stages of their lives.  One is about to be married, one is dating a very cute Italian, and the other is keeping us guessing.  And I may or may not know these girls..........Life Of them a visit....remember how fun it was when you started to get your first comments......

Below....this island...a wedding......9 days to go....YAHOO.


  1. Amazing transformation on those boats!...WOW!

  2. It must be amazing meeting new family members now...I'm glad you are finally getting the chance. Enjoy them!
    WOW! Those boats are fantastic. I think I like them all chippy though. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend ~

  3. Imagine, meeting family after all these years. Those boats are wonderful. Happy wedding to be!

  4. What a fantastic house guest to have! I dream of that happening to me...a family member I've never met. Looks like you're showing him a great time.
    I checked out Life of Three - so sweet. I can relate, as I have four sisters! have a great weekend, Chania.

  5. Went over to see 'the girls' could I resist 3 sisters.
    Port Dover - you were just around the corner from me Chania. We are going to have to organize a face-to-face!

  6. Hey Chania...awesome guests!...and would you turn that houseboat into a beauty like you did the Florida property,teehehe.

  7. Sounds like a lovely visit and you definitely showed him some great hospitality!
    I love those boats! I'll have to check out this blog - sounds like fun.
    Hope you get a bit of relaxation this weekend! Thanks for the sweet comment about my frames - it's nice to get that project done. Now onto other walls - but I think I'll keep it a little less precise next time xo

  8. If you get me one of those boats, I promise to name her Chania!

  9. Hello there! I met a cousin I never knew I had until about six months ago ... it was overwhelming to meet him. He is now 79 and I am going to be 70 on Sunday. His mother was the oldest sister of my father .. she passed away before I was born and my dad passed away when I was 16 - he never talked about her as she was a teenager when he was born.

    PS ~ I've found a winter rental in Venice Florida --- a big woo hoo!

  10. Chania what a wonderful reunion that must have been. Sending lots of good vibes for a wonderful day for the wedding.

  11. I love Port Dover. That's where my paternal grandparents grew up down the street from eachother and fell in love.

    Did you have lunch at the Arbor?

    These pleasure crafts sound like lots of fun.

    Have a safe trip for the wedding, I'm assuming that one is for your sun in Montreal. Very exciting.

  12. How cool is that! So nice to hear you got to meet your father's brother. ~Ames

  13. Those would make great homes, chippy paint and all!

  14. What a great day. I love the chippy paint thank you and how lovely to meet your fathers brother. What an experience.

  15. They are fabulous! I'm thinking if someone had a large plot of land this would make a really different guest house don't you think?!Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh Chania....9 days....I'm GOBSMACKED at how quickly The Wedding has come around....You all must be BESIDE yourselves.... :o) !!!

    I am INDEED a chippy paint fan but I MUST say....Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E the renovated BEAUTIES....!!!!!

    Popped in to say HEY to the girls....THANKS for ANOTHER wonderful link....!!

    Cheers for now from the US,
    Tamarah xx

    PS: I have a HEAP of catching up to do but it may have to wait until I get back home & can relax with glass or THREE of wine....!!!!!


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