Friday, September 30, 2011

What to do with a group of 26 at a couples resort.

So now the rehearsal dinner, wedding etc is over, we are a large group at a couples resort.  We have pairs of girls sharing, boys sharing, and of course actual couples and The Couple.  Given this resort is a lovey dovey kinda place, with couples nuzzling and floating together in the pool.....what do they do with such a big crowd at dinner, so as not to disrupt the dining room?

They put you on bus, drive you to the highest peak overlooking the golf course and the ocean and let you borrow the General Manager's house for the night.......yes they did...he wasn't home so the butler let us in... 

And the butler told us to feel free to have a look around.............I thought you may like to as well.....
Given that there were no personal effects, clothing, cosmetics etc, we gathered this was a house that he stayed at when on the island, and perhaps they used to house special guests on occasion. So Ifelt comfortable taking photos.

Master bath and office (below).  A painted sea in case you don;t want to turn your head to look at the real thing.

View from the landing......

View of pool and golf course....
The gorgeous kitchen.....
Dining room below. interesting use of Conch Shells
Love this ceiling...
 The chef, the waiter, the butler....and another guy....


  1. It's a fabulous place! And the view is amazing! Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  2. it all looks just wonderful, chania!! congratulations to the happy couple and their families too!

  3. Oh my gosh! You do live the life!!!

  4. OMG! Love this palace .. especially that kitchen and the sleeping space in the bedroom!!! Enjoy to the max.

  5. Amazing. What a view .....can you imagine waking up in that bed every morning.....

  6. Ya, you could twist my arm into spending a night there!

  7. What a clever piece of marketing Chania...and how fortunate for you all.

  8. I think that GM is on to something! How do I get one of those gigs?

  9. Oh yes! I could live with that! Have a wonderful time all of you.

  10. Ooo, I am loving this place. So nice of them to let you guys visit it. Kit

  11. For once I am almost speechless. My daughter is a hospitality major, I can now see that she is in the right business (I can only hope). Just beautiful. Ann


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