Monday, September 12, 2011

No Cupcakes and Roses.

photo from Am I still a girl?

As we all know sometimes life can really suck.  Good people sometimes get bad luck.
Meet Jen.  I don`t really know anything about her.

I have never met Jen.
Jen has 2 young boys.
She`s married.
She has some very close friends.
She just found out she has Stage 3 Ovarian cancer.
She just had a major surgery.
Jen has to undergo chemotherapy.
Do know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.
Jen wants to spread the word.

Her friends say she is really enjoying the supportive comments left for her on her blog.  If you have a minute, perhaps you can send a comment Jen`s way to boost her through the next few tough months.
Thank You Very Much. You can find her blog HERE