Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home Boy!

Give him a kiss.....go on...
Not sure today why I was in such a melancholy mood.  Maybe the fatigue from a week of the worst flu ever just caught up to me. Or the grey, wet November day, not fitting into my jeans...a slew of thing perhaps.

Anyway, I was watching X-Factor ....usually a whole lot of cheese with a bit of drama mixed in......(lots of drama last week).  I watch because I love raw talent and actually usually prefer it before they start to get X-factored...raw and original. Tonight for Thanksgiving each song was dedicated to someone in each contestants life...beginning with a short video about that dedication.  From the young Rachel who was born to a crack user, abused and lived in a crack house as an infant, later to be adopted into a loving family, to the stories of Melanie, Marcus, Leroy and their struggles, to my favourite Chris...a 7 month clean drug addict...the stories were real and compelling.  I love teens and young adults and there is a fine group on this show this year.  Anyway, they were all so genuine...I found myself weeping like a fool....I really don't cry easily at TV and movies, but it really moved me.

When I was reading blogs tonight, I decided to go back one year, and there on November 22, 2010 was my post about losing my Gracie Dog, exactly one year ago.  So I had another cry about that.

And then....I checked my email and my sister had sent photos of her favourite pig.  He made a kiss, then he laughed.  It was just what I needed.

Photos by Belinda Wagg


  1. It took a pig to cheer you up, did it? So sorry you have been under the weather. November can be a gloomy month. I hope you get your energy back soon - keep your thoughts on the pig!

  2. Thinking of you this evening, wishing you better health - physical and emotional!

  3. That is one big boy! Yowza.

    Your heart knew why it was sad, you just needed to be reminded. <3

  4. I guess your Sister really knows you. That's a good thing! I hope that you feel better soon.

  5. Sounds like you're through the worst of it all - physically and emotionally. Enjoy the climb back up to joy!

  6. Glad to hear you are feeling better...you've been missed.
    Love that pig...wish my sister would get one! LOL!

  7. Oh, my.......I love that pig.

    Might I get a kiss too?


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