Thursday, December 8, 2011


About 5 years ago, I purchased this old battered frame.  I told the Raz Man I was going to make a blackboard out of it for the dining room.  He laughed because no one put backboards in their house back then. Now, I am sure you all want to heave at the sight of yet another blackboard project in the blog world. But 5 years ago this would have made Pinterest! (not that it was around 5 years ago)  Anyway, we finally cut a piece of board for it and got it hung yesterday.

It fills a big empty space and balances out the enormous cabinet on the other side.  And while I won't be so cool as to neatly print my dinner menu on it....I was intending it to be signed by various dinner guests as a bit of a keepsake journal of visitors to the house...those badly behaved will have their names rubbed off after they leave. Small trivial fact: White chalk costs 50 cents more than coloured chalk per 12 pack.?????

While in theory, a guest signing is a good idea, I tend to think it will become full of semi-coherent and silly drivel written by guests who stay too late and drink too much.!

Our family always draw hearts with our dog names in.  Gracie + Mooch 4 ever.

Cheaper than white chalk by 50 cents.


  1. I like your chalkboard. Mr LC won't hear of having one. He keeps saying there will be chalk dust over everything. Silly man.

  2. I like the idea of a chalkboard but haven't yet found a place in my home where it would work. By the time I do figure it out, they'll be out of style.
    Moving on... ;-)

  3. I love chalkboards and just wish I could draw more interesting things than I do on mine. Yours is fabulous! When DD is home she always leaves me raunchy notes which make my day!!!

  4. I think the chalk board idea with the inebriated guests posting on it is the funniest and funnest idea ever...after the hangover will be a huge source of entertainment!

  5. Love the chalkboard Chania. I'm sure you will find some interesting notes which will be great fun and great memories.

  6. It's looks perfect in your dining room. It would like like a hot mess in mine with my four kids attacking it. One day tough!
    But, they do have an old school chalk board in the Family Room to play with.

  7. I love it Chania! Of course, I was on a chalkboard rampage a couple of months ago, so I'm not sick of them. I too like the idea of inebriated guests writing their incoherent thoughts there. You could take a picture and send a copy to them sometime.

    Oh, and I noticed that colored chalk was cheaper too. That's why I bought a box of colored. Hmmmmm. Ann

  8. ...and that is wrong...why?
    I would love to leave my post-dinner, post one-too-many-glasses-of-wine philosopophy on your chalkboard...I believe it's when I truly get to say what I really feel!

  9. That looks terrific! The chalk board is the perfect addition to your dining room.
    xo jj

  10. Love your chalkboard and the size of it is perfect for lots of crazy comments. I've had one for a few years in our entrance and later in our kitchen and I love when people leave messages on it - my nieces used to write the cutest things. :)

  11. Having too many wide expanses of wall with high ceilings .. it is a chore finding things big enough to hang here.
    I have been looking for an affordable huge clock to hang in the kitchen.
    Now I think I will forget about the Time and just hang a huge blackboard.
    I will write pithy remarks for the day or the menu or insult my husband .. yeah, good idea, thank you for the inspiration :)

  12. What a wonderful use for a huge chalkboard. I'm not sick of seeing them yet, as long as they're huge and imaginative ... and yours fits the bill.

    Careful of the colored chalk dust ... it stains ... found this out the hard way when my kids were little. You won't have to worry about it as much as I did, because their chalkboard was hung on the wall in our carpeted upstairs hall. Red chalk made lovely pink stains on the carpet. ((sigh))

  13. LOVE your chalkboard...that frame is divine!! I also love that it may turn into a drivel board... can only imagine the giggles that will provide :D Happy weekend, lovely ~ xx

  14. Years and years ago my dr. told me green aspirin was made by collecting all the white aspirin dust in the factory at the end of the day to make more aspirin. As it had turned grey, they colored it green. I wonder if that's the same for colored chalk.

  15. chania
    the black board (ADULT version) is a cracking idea

  16. Hey, with every classroom in NA being overtaken by electronic white boards...the chalkboard is becoming a sign of history! I don't think it matters what gets written in the wee hours of the night when guests who you possibly wish left earlier are still hanging around to write their "dribble"... I just love how these little touches allow us to add some human quality to our lives!
    Oh boy, that might have been written in the wee hours! ;)


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