Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gifted-Cream "Knitwear" Pottery

Handmade Pottery by Alyssa Ettinger on Etsy
I hope certain people aren't reading my blog, or the cats out of the bag with regards to their gifts. I found these adorable tumblers and demitasse cups on Etsy.  Handmade in Brooklyn by artist Alyssa Ettinger, they are imprinted with knit wear.  

There's a ribbed cup, cable knit and stocking stitch.  You can go to Alyssa's website HERE to see the other colours and pieces she creates.

I think they would be great to hold cotton balls, loose earrings, paperclips, pens in the get the I have to wrap them so I am not tempted to add them to my treasures.


  1. oh wow I love these! The cable knit is so cute! :)

  2. Well I wish I were one of your friends! :)

    These are lovely - I'm going to have a peep now x

  3. Those are gorgeous. Next year I'm getting you to be my Christmas shopper.

  4. When will my days of plastic cups be over? I wanna be a grown-up like you.

  5. they are adorable!! hey, i am liking the new picture of you on the sidebar....

  6. lucky them..whomever they may be...


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