Monday, December 19, 2011

How Sarah Richardson and other Canadian Designers do Christmas decor.

Sloan Mauran from House and 

I've been perusing the online versions of Canadian House and Home Magazine and Maison et Demeure today so I could gather some photos of Canadian Christmas Decor.  Because we have cold and often snowy winters, plus vast forests of beautiful trees, we are fortunate to have access to beautiful Christmas trees and and abundance of Christmas greens, all of which last throughout the season. And we use them to our full advantage. From draping over mantles, trailing down stairs banisters, adorning front porches, wreaths and the typically Canadian suburban front porch urns filled with Christmas greens. We also enjoy decorating our homes on the outside with lights, like many of you do in other parts of the world. I found some really great photos of homes of Canadian Designers and thought I would post a few.

Virginia MacDoanld House and Home
Sloan Mauran.. Canadian House and Home.

Garland, urns ,burlap.  Sloan Mauran House and Home
 Canadian House and Home
Candace Olson Canadian House and Home
Candace Olson Canadian House and Home
Jennifer Worts House and Home

Jennifer Worts House and Home

Maison et Demeure
Maison et Demure Sharon Mimram
Michael Graydon House and Home
Sarah Richardson House and Home
Sarah Richardson's Farmhouse House and Home
Sarah Richardson Farmhouse House and Home
Sarah Richardson Farmhouse House and Home

Sarah Richardson's home. House and Home

Sharon Mimram Canadian House and Home

Shelley Penner House and Home

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  1. My goodness that oval door and wreath with snow is breath taking. Have a Happy Christmas Chania.

  2. Those are beautiful Chania. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Smukke billeder.
    Tak for rundvisningen.

  4. Didn't I just write that seeing these huge homes upset me? And there you go! Just twist that knife in a little deeper why don't ya!

  5. All lovely, especially the second image. ;-)

  6. only wonderful pics here, thank you, so now I need a herd of reindeer!!

  7. Love those photos. I like where Sarah placed her tree.

  8. Just stunning! I love the decor styles. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Holidays!

  9. hey Razz!! Long time no see! :*

    I love everything that Sarah Richardson touches, so it's no wonder I'm drawn to her farm, but I have to say my fave is the porch of burlap and natural greens. Totally stealing that for next year! :)

    I just posted about my little Christmas decoration this year, would love for you to stop by if you have a chance!



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