Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The Florida house is slowly emerging. I'm a great believer in letting a house tell you what it needs. Even though this one keeps telling me it needs mirrors and dressers and lamps and things, I haven't found what I want yet in a second hand store. Eventually, the perfect things will pop up and fill in the gaps.

I did find this lovely old Persian rug...14' long and 4' wide. It found it's home in the master bedroom along with a curly-wurly iron candlestick.

My nephew and cousins left yesterday after a whirlwind of 4 days. My brother and his partner leave today. Delightful neighbors came for drinks yesterday bearing a handmade (by him) cheeseboard...We've beached it, had breakfast at the old hotel, dinner in the courtyard of Pia's in Gulfport, jetski'd, walked, outlet mall shopped and been to the Chuhuly museum. And talked until we are exhausted. Feels like I am catching up on the 50 years I missed with my cousin. For those of you who are recent followers, I found my father's family 56 years after he left them. 

And my cousin and I keep discovering we are so alike...little things we keep saying or doing...it's uncanny.


  1. How do you like living in Florida part time? We live in Ontario (Oakville) and are considering buying there.


  2. Great finds and it sounds like great times . . . Love hearing of thon cousin connection!

  3. I think that its great you are able to discover and find love in your "new" family so to speak. It s a great story enjoy the journey!

  4. That sounds fabulous and busy! How neat that you share things in common.

  5. I always like that part of Florida the best .. it sounds so perfect right now, green and lush and not Buenos Aires :)

    About the new family, that is just so wonderful. To find them is great, to bond with them is wonderful.

    I love that rug and the curly wurly candleholder :)

    When we finally find our next new/old home, I will be wearing you out with questions about "white" decorating .. this is my next goal :)

  6. We visitedmthe Chihuly Collection in February. I loved the boat filled with glass balls. Sounds like a whirlwind time. Happy about the connections you've made! Enjoy the remainder of your time there!

  7. Chihuly Museum! Was it wonderful? I am such a fan of his art and glass pieces and have never been to an exhibit - its on my bucket list. My friend went to the display he did for the Arizona Botanical Gardens - I saw it on a PBS documentary :>( One day......

    It is so nice that you and your cousin found each other and that your similarities keep your bond growing tighter.

  8. Busy, busy...and fun, fun, fun. Love that rug! And Chihuly, he has amazing stuff, I saw an exhibit once at the Museum of American Folk Art in NYC and kept trying to figure out how he built everything. I guess that's why he's the artist...

  9. Chuhuly Museum, wow. That sounds amazing!
    I am also waiting for the right vintage pieces to come along so I can furnish my bedroom. Waiting, waiting...

  10. now I could just DO with that rug

  11. Just popped back Chania to say thank you for the comment you just left. That's so useful! x

  12. The rug and candleabra are fabulous. That you and your cousin are alike is quite wonderful.

  13. Dear Chania, I love that area of Florida, we had a condo on the beach for almost 20 years at Treasure Island, Mansions by the Sea vacationing there even in the summer when our boys were younger...loved it. I am still sad about selling it...you seem to be loving the area as well. The pictures you are posting of your home look lovely...and thrift shops in Florida are treasure troves literally..you are doing well to wait to furnish your home till you find just the right thing...enjoy this wonderful area. N.xo

  14. sounds like a wonderful get away....
    genes are funny...after not seeing my cousin for nearly 20 years and never as adults, we discovered we owned the same dishes, linens, and adored the same films, and looked a lot alike..genes do run deep.

    So happy to hear you so happy <3

  15. I love how your place is evolving - that Persian has some gorgeous colours in it. So nice that you and your cousin are finally able to discover each other. Sounds like you're having the perfect time.


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