Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Foster Dog Update.

His new stomping grounds. Yesterday we saw 4 deer drinking from the creek..until he barked and scared them off.

Thank you for all of your comments and concerns about my new Foster Dog. I've kinda changed his name to Bubba since he doesn't seem to know his real name.

Today is May 1st. If Bubba wasn't re-homed before today, the owner was going to take him to a shelter, so thank goodness he was rescued. According to the rescue coordinator, he would have been an unlikely candidate for being kept at the shelter. Depending on the town there they are taken, the policies vary, and often dogs such as this one are euthanized  because they have too many issues to be adopted out in a reasonable period of time. She told me that the city he was from would not have kept him at the shelter. So fostering him was his only hope. He certainly came with some baggage. 

  • Bubba has not been exercised in a VERY long time. He has weak muscles.
  • He is a really chubby boy, needing to lose 30lbs. (him and me both). His weight makes it difficult for him to move around without being sore and out of breath.
  • He's got bad legs and arthritis and a very odd gait.
  • He cannot manage hardwood floors.
  • He can't do stairs.
  • He can only walk for 15 minutes at a slow pace.
  • He eats lying down. He belly crawls around like a beached sea lion grunting.
The good news is:
  • Rescue got him a HUGE bottle of Metacam, an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever
  • He loves to walk. He is having a walk along the creek and a lap of the playing field 4 times a day.
  • He minds his own business. No chewing, cat chasing or mischief.
  • He is settling down and feeling at home
  • He's a gentle and sweet dog
  • The vet thinks with regular exercise and good food, he will lose the weight and be way more agile and happy, and hopefully won't need meds all his life.
Yesterday I was feeling very annoyed at his owners for putting him in this situation. Over feeding him, not walking him, general lack of care, shots not updated, nails not cut etc. Turfing him out. I was mad all day yesterday as I observed his struggles.

I took him to the spa yesterday to get fixed up. He's all shiny and sweet smelling and he's had his first dose of pain meds an hour ago, eating a low cal salmon based diet for his figure and his bones, and so he's on his way to his former glory. He must feel like he's gone to BOOT CAMP.


  1. I'm upset at his former owners too. I'm glad he found his way to you! Can't wait to hear more updates as his condition improves :)

  2. Yay! Glad to hear he's on the upswing. You are an angel - so many of us make lots of noise but do nothing. You are not one of those.

  3. I'm betting he feels like he's landed in a heavenly spa and not a boot camp at all! Thank you for doing what you do!


  4. Wow! I just started typing and my comment vanished right before my eyes. That's weird!
    Anyway, my short version of what I was writing is that I'm glad he is with you now and that you're taking such good care of him.

  5. I'm so glad he's doing better, the poor fellow.

  6. Ooh, such a wonderful thing you're doing!... now I have to go back a post to read more....

  7. Ooh, such a wonderful thing you're doing!... now I have to go back a post to read more....

  8. This is such an upsetting story, but the very best thing that could have happened to Bubba is to have gotten out of that place and into foster care. It sounds as if he was never taken very good care of ever. I agree that your home sounds more like a heavenly spa than a boot camp! I think in a few weeks he is going to feel 5 years younger mentally and physically. Kudos to you and the other rescuers!

  9. Bubba is so lucky to be in your care. I'm pleased to hear he is doing better and look forward to the next update :)

  10. oh boy, why do people have dogs if they don't care for them...for 5 years I witnessed my neighbor neglect their dog. They kept her chained up on about 8ft of chain, summer and winter. In the winter it got to -26 and she would still be out there. Gently lifting up paws one at a time too try to keep them off the frozen ground.

    And in summer, horribly hot, no water. The worst thing...is if we neighbors intervened in ANY WAY (water, walks, taken indoors) they would freak out. SO VERY SAD.

  11. I think that you should keep Bubba......he looks so very sweet. I think that people should have to purchase and take a "class" in order to have a pet...then maybe those who don't want to put in the time....wouldn't do it......(like Bubba's former people)....Cant wait to hear more about Bubba's progress.

  12. thanks for the update. I wonder if he eats lying down because he spent a lot of time in a cage? Our dog was given to us by a family going through a divorce and looking for a home for their dog. He came with a cage which we quickly realized was his home. He drank water lying down and he ate lying down. When we asked about this they informed us, without issue, that he was left in his cage from 7:30 to 6 p.m. every day and that they simply left his food and water in the cage with him. He was a young lab when we got him, about 1 and a half yrs. old but it took awhile to get him out of those habits. He never does that anymore but then again he is never in a cage.

  13. Aw poor Bubba! He sounds like a very sweet old guy and thank goodness you've come to his rescue - he'll be in good shape in no time xo

  14. I thought we changed his name to george? I miss him already and cant wait to see him thursday!

  15. Thanks for the update. Some people should not own dogs. They think that by giving them all they can eat is good. NOT!!!
    Happy he found you.

  16. You are so kind hearted! I'm certain Bubba is grateful. You are just what he needed.

  17. It is a good thing that his former owners are anonymous.
    And that I live on another continent. grrrrr.

    I am happy for George. I hope changing homes again will not be too hard on him and that the new people are at least half as good to him as you are/were.
    George and all those other pups who come to your house are so very very lucky.
    besos. C

  18. I can't think about Bubba's past. Instead I feel thrilled he is with you!

  19. That photo is absolutely stunning! And you're a saint to these dogs. Bless you. I see it around here too. Last week I ran over to my neighbors on the other side, who have a Boxer looking dog. I was outside and it looked like it was having a seizure. I was in my purple pj's and house shoes and probably looked frantic. They went to check on it and were laughing. Said it was how it looks when it scratches its sore on its bottom. I thought: You young fools, get that dog looked at!

  20. Aw you are a wonderful foster mom. Gos Bless you!~Ames

    P.S. I saw a sign once and I will never forget it..."There's no greater love than the love of an old dog."

  21. Whoops that should be GOD Bless You! :)

  22. May I come join Bubba's boot camp?
    It was his lucky day to get placed in your care!

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  23. Thank God, Bubba found his way to you, Chania! That's all I can say today. I expressed myself, maybe too much, in your previous post. Hugs to you and Bubba.

  24. I think with all the TLC you are giving him Chania, it's more like he's thinking he died and went to heaven!

  25. What a difference a week makes, I was so angry last sunday that I could not find the words, thank you so much Chania I will never forget Bubba's beautiful face. A side note to miabellavintage with regards to your neighbours dog you should have phoned a rescue group or the SPCA feeling sorry did not help the dog.
    cheers margo

  26. You are an angel in that boy's life. Probably coming into his life at just the right time. Bless you for your kindness.

  27. I love his new name. He sounds like he's doing so much better,thank goodness he wound up with you. He's a very lucky boy! New picture please!

  28. What a beautiful gentle face! He is so lucky to have found you.

  29. Big dogs are the best dogs. They don't have to prove anything to anyone.
    All you need now is a neighbourhood fisherwoman to keep him in supplies and take him out in the boat now and then. Well done for taking him on. He looks gorgeous and well deserving of a good home.


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