Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rare Breeds.

See that? That's a rare Florida breed of workman. Goes by the name of Ruben. Rare in the sense that he is the first one on our flooded kitchen scene who is careful, conscientious, and a good craftsman. He's here right now tiling the walls and window sills. I'm impressed with his work. Kitchen still not usable, but hopefully soon. But we leave tomorrow, so I won't see the finished product for a while.

I once went to a psychic who told me I attract negative energy and to be careful in public places such as grocery stores and malls in case I absorbed some of it. Not sure I believed her but I had a little incident on Saturday while out walking that made me think of that warning. I was strolling back towards my house a few blocks away when a lady (and I use this term lightly) coming on the opposite side and direction started waving and calling out to me to say hello. She was pretty gaunt with no bra and her boobs hanging pretty low to her pant waist line. She told me she lived in the neighborhood, although she couldn't really pinpoint where, and so I did the same. In fact I pointed to the vacant house. She actually leaned forward and touched my necklace, asking me if it was a real diamond. I told her I got it at Walmart and it was fake. She told me my name sounded like a black persons name. I said thank you. And sensing she was jonesing for a fix and about to rob me, I set off quickly towards home. Over drinks with neighbors, I asked them if they knew of P. They did not. 

The next morning, MLK Blvd was closed down due to a fire in an apartment complex. Turns out it was arson. A woman had a fight with her boyfriend then torched his apartment forcing the evacuation of the entire building. The next day the accused had her mug shot on the news. It was P. The chick who I met the day before. 

We went to a nice restaurant called Tryst downtown St. Pete. It was warm enough to sit outside. As soon as dinner arrived, so did the local stray cat. Known to live in the vicinity of Tryst, he dines nightly on fine food tossed below the tables from cat loving diners. His name is Trystopher.


  1. No matter where you go, there they are! What a story .. safe journey back to north land.

  2. OMG, that's freaky! So glad P didn't rip your "Walmart" gem off your neck! Good thinking on that one.

    Looks like you are on the right path with Ruben. Think you need to stay clear of Geronimo's, Jose', and. Alberto's!

  3. Safe travels home. brace yourself for the cold!

  4. What a scary story! Do your boobs hang low - do they wobble to and fro? LOL
    Seriously though, I would have been terrified!

  5. Good story- good lesson.
    I am lucky here .. I can't ( or pretend I can't ) understand people when they panhandle / beg .
    And while the general population of where I live is very kind and will give something to most beggars, there are some that one would want to avoid being close to or having any contact with .
    Not to mention worrying about how far the fleas can jump.
    In winter I see door men put blankets out on old dogs sleeping in doorways, but I don't see the same for the endless amount of sick/insane/homeless that wander the city streets.
    Very sad .

  6. Ack ! I forgot to comment on the kitchen and that angel Ruben ! Wonderful .. both of them :)

  7. I must say, hubby and I have run into quite a few of those types here in Florida. We think they're meth addicts and we've been approached several times. My husband was about to get out of his car the other day but his work phone rang, he answered it and while on the phone, a very gaunt woman started banging on his car window asking for change. He just shook his head no.

    Your kitchen's looking gorgeous! I love the tile and happy you have a good man on the job:)

  8. That was a strange encounter. I love your kitchen. PS can I borrow your tiler.

  9. What a strange/crazy encounter. Yikes! I swear, I must attract the same type ;) The kitchen is coming along beautifully.

  10. Wow at least you had your wits about you not to give her your location!! Thank goodness for good workmen, they don't come along too often. I love Trystopher!

  11. Hello Chania,

    Good workmen are such a blessing and your encounter... scary, you are braver than me!!
    Love the kitchen tiles, they call them 'metro' tiles here - not sure what term is used in North America?

  12. Chania, your kitchen is looking just beautiful! I love the white tiles and the dark cabinets. Looks like it's going to turn out just wonderful after all.

    You know how to think on your feet! Thank goodness she didn't burn down the vacant house next door! I hope she will get the help she obviously needs, but probably won't as she works her way through "the system".

    Trystopher is definitely a smart cat. Have a good trip home. Ann

  13. Well, well, well . . . happy Ruben showed up at your place. About time someone was around to make things run smoothly!

    You may draw the forlorn and strange but you had me LOL with the boobs to the waistline, telling her your diamond was a fake from Wallmart . . . and then seeing her mug shot . . . WOW.

    Your St Pete's home is going to be beautiful . . .

  14. It was very insightful of you to recognize the possible danger and not give any information that might cause you trouble. Always follow your gut.
    P.S. I don't think you're the type of person who would attract negative energy or people. You attract what you are - the reason you came to no harm in that encounter. :-)

  15. The tile is beautiful, so colorful. I would have a hard time leaving such a beautiful home. Your story made me think that the negative energy, which I really don't think it is, makes for a good for interesting stories. My father's wife is the same kind of person, not negative energy, but takes risks and that lady would have walked up to her too. I think you are an approachable person.


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