Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Baby Shower

Lindt chocolate bears dressed in pink or blue satin ribbons, Italian sodas in pretty colours.

Party favors....pink or blue nail polish by Joe

Wrapped in a little cello bag with pink or blue truffles

Blue or pink?

I stamped the tags with Peter Rabbit and glittered the ears either pink or blue and added a pom pom tail.

The beautiful mother to be.


Our theme was white, with hints of pink or blue.

I love streamers and we hung them from all corners. This shot is before we noticed that the chandelier bulbs were burning the streamers.

The baby shower was a breeze. Usually I would stress for days with food prep and trying to get the house ready, but with a total of 5 overnight guests plus another dog, I decided to order trays of sandwich's, cheese, fruit and cheese from the grocery store and also served a crock pot of bought meatballs in Diana's sauce and sausage rolls. Desert was store bought squares and cupcakes from a nearby shop. A couple of hours before the shower, everyone did a quick pick up and tidy of the house and we set up a table for drinks and food. 

The day before I had made up the party favor bags with either a pink or blue nail polish and chocolates tied up with ribbon and a Peter Rabbit tag.

Not knowing the sex of the baby, our colour scheme was white. Which was good because my furniture is white and so are my dishes and napkins. We threw in a hint of pink and a hint of blue and it all looked very pretty. 

Our guests were very generous with their lovely gifts and support for our mum-to-be and baby.
They left for home (Montreal) with the car stuffed to the max with lovely baby bits and happy hearts after visiting with lots of family and friends well into the evening.

Boy Child and DIL are moving this weekend just to spice things up a little. Why not move in your 9th month.I moved 5 days before he was born and I know that's a difficult thing when heavily pregnant.

It's not my story to tell, but my Daughter in Law and her family have been through the wringer for the past 6 months. You can read about things in their words HERE, but to sum things up, their mother has been having treatment in the USA. She and their father have been gone for 6 whole months, an eternity to this extremely close family who get together several times a week, and for most of the duration on DIL's pregnancy. It has been so hard on everyone going though the excitement of a pregnancy, first grand child, niece/nephew etc and the stress of the family going through losing a grandparent as well as an illness.

BUT...I am so happy for them because today her mum and dad are coming home for a week. They will all be together under their home roof and celebrating all the going's on around them (baby, engagement etc). They have made some special preparations for today and I am just so excited for them all that they will be reunited today. 

I think they have an angel on their shoulder and his name begins with G.


  1. What a beautiful shower Chania - love the goodie bags - and the tags you made - just gorgeous!

  2. The shower .. every tiny detail .. inspiration for everyone reading your blog! Just beautiful, incredibly so!

    Sending positive energy to your daughter-in-law and her extended family,

  3. Prayers for a healthy baby and extended family <3

  4. Beautuful shower . . . loved the nail polish favor . . .
    Prayers for momma to be, for travels, for continued renewed health, for patience and calm for the "little one" arrival.

  5. Oh my goodness, we have to be such jugglers, the good, the sad, the happy, the mad.

    lucky to have you for a MIL tho' beautiful shower, has your tail I mean name stamped all over it.

    xo jane

  6. All your fine touches....looks like everything was perfect!

  7. What a gorgeous shower! I love the gift bags, I never would have thought of those.

  8. Hello Chania

    What a beautiful setting you have created for the shower. I am sure you had a lot of fun and joy. I love how you made the food simple and yet it looks delicious.

    Helen x

  9. I wish the baby and the baby's family a healthy and happy new year!

  10. Hello Chania,
    It looks all so beautiful, happy you had a wonderful time. Sending a prayer and some energy for your DIL's family.

  11. What a well thought out and beautiful Shower. Love the bunny tags.

  12. Everything looks beautiful Chania. You shine when it comes to things like this!

  13. Lovely.


  14. What beautiful pictures! And i love your idea with the nail polish, so sweet!

  15. This looks swell!

  16. I can't believe I didn't comment on this! I truly remember reading it and smiling at how beautiful it all looked. Every personal touch was perfect and now you await the wonderful event. Hope all is well. Ann

  17. I love all the details you put into this shower, can't believe you whipped it up so fast! I pinned a few of your photos, they are too good to just look at once! What a story thought. Hope your daughter in law got to spend lots of time with her family, poor thing to be going thru sadness at this time. My heart goes out to them.


  18. I love your Peter Rabbit tags...how clever.

  19. I love the pink and blue nailpolish and treats for everyone. Everything looks so nice. I'm glad it ended up being simple to get ready for and it worked out so well.

  20. This is just extraordinary baby shower! I loved those decorations as well. Thanks for sharing photographs as well. I just reserved best San Francisco venues for my sister’s baby shower and that will be a surprise party for her.


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