Friday, July 19, 2013

Frenchie, Henry Francis and Pumpkin

Because he's just so cute we like to pose him in odd places

Learning to sit Frenchie (French bulldog) Henry Francis on the left and Frenchie on the right. Can you see the drool as Frenchie waits for his cookie?
A visitor drops by

A quick snack and drink

And you know what's coming right?

Wonderfully busy at the moment. I spent a weekend in Montreal with Boy Child, DIL and the beautiful Emma. Emma is 3 1/2 months and has the sweetest disposition. She's a bit chatty now and her huge smiles melt me every time. The "kids" have settled well into parenthood and it is great to see them in the roles as new parents. Which they are doing fabulously. I think I was much more stressed as a new parent, while they seem at ease.

While they are marking the baby's milestones, Girl Child is "raising" the puppy and I feel sometimes the talk of the puppy and the baby overlap. The conversations could be interchanged...."is he/she being good?" "are you getting any sleep?" Did he/she sleep through the night" "I think he/she is teething".........having the puppy around is like having a crawling child. You have to move and pick up everything. Henry Francis particularly loves the cord to my computer and also chewing the leg of the table he is standing on in the first picture. 

We left Toronto yesterday in the middle of a heat wave and arrived to a much cooler Florida. The last time we were here we were visited by a pair of ducks. Within minutes of arriving, we were greeted by a single female. Not sure if this is the "original" duck who has lost her mate, or a new one. She sat with us and ate pita chips taken gently from my hand and then had a drink and a quick swim. I have a feeling she will be back. I couldn't help but think how much Emma would enjoy having a duck visitor when she comes for a visit. The duck has been nicknamed Pumpkin with my history of fostering and adopting animals, The Raz Man is not impressed.


  1. Chris won't like Roldand either!
    Thank you for your gift for the open day xx

  2. A friend of mine raised an orphan duck here this year, and now it has joined the wild ones but still comes back three times a day for food - as I would. He lives on the river. I still want Frenchie.

  3. Love that you are such a true animal lover. Frenchie looks like he is fitting in just so and henry is still my fav dog on the web. Good luck with the new duck....can't wait to see more of Pumpkin

  4. Didn't it see odd to be mentioning that Ontario was hotter than Florida? In the summer? Just saying.

    What a fine looking dog Henry F, is, and Frenchie? Well,cute beyond belief.

    You live a good life my friend.

    xo Jane

  5. Sweet post and always sweet to read and see a bit of your life. I too think duckie will be back . . . why not . . . foster mom has pita chips . . .

  6. Oh lovely .. babies and ducks and all.
    I am up to my eyeballs in "Nature" and settling in but like you, find a lot of little creatures coming to visit.
    Bunnies and deer so far.
    Next I am expecting a teeny tiny little boy to be visiting ..

  7. Oh, cute pic of the big dog and little dog together!!!

  8. Well, I'm impressed! Love the pictures of the dogs, and of course Pumpkin. I would have named her too! Enjoy your lovely time in FL. One day Emma will be down there bobbing around in that beautiful pool! Ann

  9. The dogs are precious and can I say and not hurt Pumpkin's feeling? that Henry Francis is just to adorable


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