Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Ambassador for St. Petersburg.

the charm of old buildings...
Patio Table with old quilt for table cloth

Back of the yard, facing the front. I need to take the tags off my couch cushions

Looking from the new "pool area" to the old part of the garden

The old Mexican bench

The center garden after days of moving and planting

My new Florentine chest

Wrought iron Spanish wall sconce over the chest

Best steak and sweet potatoes Birchwood in St. Petersburg.
Paper Street Market on Central favourite haunt

A beautiful school

The Birchwood Inn downtown St. Pete.

Florida friends for dinner...wonderful people who make me feel at home
I should be a good will ambassador for St. Petersburg, Florida. I tell everyone it is Florid'a's best kept secret. I love the architecture, the layout of the city, the accessible waterfront, the Arts community, ancient gardens, the birds, wildlife, the grittyness of parts of it....the mom and pop shops and the overall vibrancy and friendliness of the City. 

We leave Florida tomorrow morning. I really drag myself away from our home and part time life here. I rfeel like me and St. Pete are a good fit. We meet so many people who welcome us into their lives and homes. We went to a wonderful  party at an incredible Old Floridian bungalow...I was in awe of the fabulous home of our host and her garden and pool. We had drinks with friends, breakfast at the beach, a visit to our friends new beach house, dinner at a fabulous new restaurant in town and many, many bike rides around the city along Coffee Pot Blvd downtown past massive old trees and quaint homes. I have gardened until my hands were too blistered to do any more. I've gotten great advice from a talented Floridian gardener who not only gave me advice but bucket loads of plants. We celebrated The Raz Man's birthday with neighbors and swam 10 times a day to get relief from the heat. We stayed up really late with neighbors singing old songs and making up new lines....(Try it with Ode to Billy Joe) And....because we always do when we are here....we had to call a plumber. This time, a clogged drain caused a back up that took 10 beach towels to soak up. And yes, we called Geronimo....our now on-staff plumber. 

Being away makes you appreciate home more though. I can't wait to see Frenchie, Hannah Kat, Henry Francis and Girl Child. And to catch up baby Emma's latest photos and my family in Montreal. I love to leave and I love to come both places.


  1. I think it is absolutely wonderful that you have a home-away-from-home in such a beautiful place. We'll be going to ours in a couple of weeks (we don't own it but always rent the same place). Beach towns are wonderful, truly.


  2. How wonderful! Sounds lovely and such great discoveries you have made. Makes me want to visit St. petersburg again. Safe travels.

  3. I love, love, love . . .
    quilt on table
    pedestal under the table
    garden areas
    pool views
    tags on cushions
    new friends
    home in St. Pete
    home back home
    new Florentine chest
    Spanish sconce
    the ambiance of it all
    happy . . .
    love, love, love

  4. Your outdoor space is spectacular! I'd be in that pool all day long. Your Florentine chest is gorgeous:)

  5. What a heavenly place, you would have to drag me away! Your gardens, pool, pretty home, friends and a gorgeous town...I've never seen so much happiness in one post! Family does call us home, though, doesn't it? But you'll always have this slice of paradise waiting for you! :)


  6. I love the way you describe your life in St. Pete's. And the pictures are inviting and spectacular. No wonder you are reluctant to leave.

  7. I have NEVER wanted to visit Florida, but you are quite persuasive. I may think about it.

  8. Your part-time home looks beautiful, Chania! I particularly like the Florentine chest, looks great there.
    For a second there I thought I knew that woman up front in the last photo! She looks like someone I worked with. Geez, I think the older one gets, every one starts to look alike!! lol
    That little antique shop looked good too!
    Welcome home....


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