Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Night Real Estate - Affordable Palm Beach Houses

No one at the pool today...often the case at condos

Limestone walls and arched doorways

Loggia with brick flooring

A gorgeous shot of the pool area and Old Florida vegetation

Built in 1925, this building is very striking.
Moroccan inspiration

I think they need to update the photos....

A peak into the inside
Lovely view of the pool

Last week I should you what big money can buy in Palm Beach. This week, I wanted to see what the Average Joe could buy in Palm Beach. I looked in the under $250,000 range which may or may not be average at all, depending on what part of the country or world you live in. The home above, is a condo. Built in 1925 and right on the water, this gorgeous building has oodles of charm. The Listing can be found HERE, but it only has 2 photos of the inside. Living in a beautiful old building like this would be fantastic though. You could make a very cozy apartment inside and enjoy the spacious lobby and pool area. It's quite a bargain at $110,000 for a 1 bed, 2 bath. The catch is the HOA (condo) are $1338.00 per month. It is Palm Beach after all. HERE is another unit in this building if yo want to see inside. 

For $250,000 you can buy a condo at the Palm Beach Hotel, a condominium apartment built in the 1920's also. This one is furnished...a great rental income property. Loaded with charm, this would be a great spot to retire!

A gorgeous hotel/condo-The Palm Beach Hotel

Some pretty details....the beam is lovely

And the fireplace is beautiful...such a pretty condo.

There's not a lot in Palm Beach for the average home buyer other than condos, but there are some very interesting choices for buildings in the area.


  1. Love the wire chairs in photo 3

  2. Love the vegetation . . . Old Florida style . . . huge leaves and the dark green, yum! I like the wire chairs too in pic #3, I can visualize the relaxation with toddy in hand. The HOA fees are a bit of a sting on a place for $110,000. I am enjoying these posts Chania . . .

  3. The HOA fee's...ouch! But the prices are not bad. I have some old postcards I bought off Etsy, from the 20's and 30's...I have them hanging in our guest room and just love them! Old Florida was magnificent!

  4. The Spanish Mission and Deco architecture is so fabulous. Reminds me of Napier, my home town here in NZ which is famous for its Art Deco architecture also.
    Amanda x

  5. I had no idea you were doing a real estate series too Chania - I'll definitely have to come by each week because I just love to look at homes and architecture!
    Just gorgeous - thanks for sharing!!!

  6. What a beautiful old building the first place is! Full of old world charm. The fees are probably relative to Florida and this location as you said.
    I really like these 'shopping' trips you are taking us on. Thanks.

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  8. Wow! I just checked the listing and the first house is now down to $99,000. I know it's in Palm Beach, but what does the $1300/month HOA dues cover? Any taxes covered in that? Also no mention in listing how many units are in the building.

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