Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Night Real Estate.....Santa Fe, New Mexico

Adobe dwelling. Cobblestone walkway and gorgeous iron lanterns. The front door is fabulous.
Tonight's Real Estate adventure takes us to New Mexico. I've never been to the desert, except for Vegas, but I really would love to plan a trip to New Mexico on of these days. There's something very primitive about the desert, and I think it would be exhilarating to get out of the City and stay in the outskirts with cacti and mountains for companions. I came across this amazing house. It epitomizes the feel and look of the American Southwest. Built in 1999, it is built with great thought to the surroundings and respect for the style. 
This home also serves as a museum. The listing describes it as follows 

"Rolling across 175 acres of quintessentially SW ranch land near the crest of a hill, with the Ortiz Mtns as a stalwart backdrop, the centerpiece of the ranch is a 13,395+\-sqft residence including a chapel; a torreon with rooftop deck; guest and caretakers quarters; a courtyard with cantina; and patio, pavilion, and portal beside a breathtaking infinity-edge pool. Not far off is a private 4-bedroom guesthouse and equestrian facilities that include several pastures, 12 stables, a barn, an arena for roping and cutting. The dramatic boveda ceiling reemerges in the kitchen. This dramaticall
...y unparalleled space includes custom light fixtures of goatskin and wrought iron above a copper-topped breakfast bar. The distinctive cabinetry, carved by Jose and Constantino Jaramillo, features a decorative flourish based on the work of Russian artist Nicolai Fechin, who carved the doors, window frames, pillars, and furniture of his home, now the Taos Art Museum"  You can see the complete listing HERE

My favorite photo. I love the repetition of the lanterns and the wrought iron railing. Note the floors in flagstone and the gorgeous thick doors.

The same flagstone is carried to the outside pool area. Imaging lounging by this pool looking at the mountains.

I would LOVE to examine this room in person...

Note the chairs and the ceiling.

Again the repetition of the ceiling lights and the furniture along the walls, combined with the barrel brick ceiling are so authentic. It could have been built 100 years ago, not 199.

This is the most spectacular view of the house. Nestled at the foot of the mountains, the drive up alone would take your breath away.

I love the copper vent hood and also those bar stools.
As much as I love to look at these million $ ($12,000.000) in the above instance, I always wonder what the average person can afford in a city. I am not sure what the economy is based on in New Mexico, but there are pages and pages of homes over $1 million to look at. Next is something affordable for the average person. This charming little condo was built in 1930 and exudes the charm of both the desert and the era. The listing describes it like this

"Darling, old-world pied a terre near downtown. The Larribas Compound dates back to the 1930's, and was modernized in the 1990's. This quaint, private and secure Compound offers mature landscaping, private patio's for the units as well as limited common amenities such as banco's, fountains, ramada's, etc. This 1 bedroom, 1 bath unit features wide plank wood floors and tile, a large, central kiva fireplace, skylights, W/D and private patios. The construction is adobe, with original divided light windows and french doors. It is as sweet, and charming as one can find in Santa Fe" You can see the entire listing HERE.
No Boys, that is NOT a urinal.

I would change the seats to white and throw on a load of ethnic toss cushions.

Note the old beams, wood ceiling and skylight.

A tiny courtyard

Lazy agents leave Winter pictures on Summer listings.

Charming little patio

Tiva fireplace. for a snug winter.

I love the kitchen...a little fresh paint would work wonders.

And of course Santa Fe tile in the bathroom
House number 3 is an incredible home with gorgeous decor. The home owners have great taste and all the pieces and accessories suit the house beautifully. This one is under 2 million. 

The listing describes it as follows "The ultimate discovery for discriminating connoisseurs. Turn of the century adobe meets 21st century luxury. The absolute best of authentic Santa Fe style nestled in the Sangres in the near North East area with panoramic views. Double Adobe with myriad architectural details. This home is rich with local history and provenance. Treat yourself to the magical experience!"
You can see the complete listing HERE

The rug is lovely as are the accessories and furniture

I hope that stockade fence keeps out rattlesnakes and coyotes

I would love to see this art up close. Brick floors, spooled furniture...quite lovely.

I am discovering that Santa Fe has the most amazing real estate. Completely different than anything I have seen, except in magazines. A whole new style and way of building. If you would like to peruse Santa Fe listings, Trulia is the best way to do it. Here are the Trulia Santa Fe homes for sale click HERE

Next week.....a San Francisco treat.


  1. Loved seeing the opulence, the style . . . the modest appealed to me the most. Quaint and charming, minimal updates. The estate was lovely and beyond my imagination . . .

  2. Beautiful dining area and living room - otherwise maybe just a little teeny bit stark for me
    ( as if I could ever have the luxury of living in one of these homes LMHO )

  3. We have been trying for years to figure out a way to live there part of the time, but the difference in property values there as opposed to here in Birmingham, AL has caused us to give up pretty much. We spent a month this past winter during the holidays out there in a very nice condo, and I am still getting listings from the realtor I have dealt with for ten years! However, there are some drawbacks to living there other than the money factor. It is a magical place to visit, and I think the people who really have the best situation are those who have another home -- and only spend part of their time there. That is actually quite a common scenario we have found. Tourism and the artists colonies seem to be the driving forces in their economy. The incredible light and colors of the sky are totally magical, but when you are used to living in a very green area with lots of rain, the dryness of the high desert not to mention the lack of rain is quite a shock. Everyone who goes there falls in love with it, and I think everyone should go there at least once. I certainly will for the rest of my life, although I will probably never live there. I even set one of my novels there, so I can always remember the way it used to be before it was so touristy. The three homes you chose are very interesting slices of Santa Fe real estate. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. WOW! What a grand house. I love how it seems to spring from the earth just like the mountains behind it. When my husband and I were planning to elope last December, we intended to go to Santa Fe to get married. A little research revealed that it would be colder there than where we live --I never knew it could be so cold in the desert-- and so we opted to go to Austin, Texas instead. We still plan to go there some time when the weather is warm. Thanks for the tour of yet another gorgeous home. I hope your sale went well.


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