Sunday, August 4, 2013

Palm Beach Real Estate

Of interest are the stepped windows on the staircase with columns, the arched windows, Barrel tiled roof, the covered loggia with what looks like pecky Cyprus columns.

The quilted tile floor and open wood ceiling....gorgeous

I would give this house a more old world Spanish look if it was mine.

More of a British Colonial look than I would expect.

Private Beach of course...

Simple with it's white stucco and pretty windows.

As beautiful now as when it was built

To indulge my taste for Spanish Revival houses, I like to peruse online real estate. Palm Beach in the early 1900's was "The" place for Spanish architecture in Florida. Addison Mizner is one of my favorite architects of this era. If you have a cool 22 Million, you can purchase this home of historical significance. Only if you promise not to alter an of the original details though.......

It is listed HERE with Sotheby's. Here's how the house is described in the listing.
Mizner's Louwana Oceanfront Masterpiece
Quite possibly the most romantic period oceanfront mansion available in Palm Beach today, held by the same family since it's design by Addison Mizner in 1919. One of the last Great Houses of Palm Beach, a legend of architectural and historic significance. This majestically picturesque 10-bedroom villa sprawls over 1.5 acres featuring 150 feet of idyllic direct private beachfront. Exquisitely preserved in museum condition. Pool, Tennis Court, Beach Cabana. An exceedingly important and rare offering.

If that house is too rich for your blood, check out this charming 1926 property on the market for $2,749,000.00. The listing found HERE describes it as follows. 

"Phipps Plaza Mediterranean style two story home designed by famed architect, Marion Sims Wyeth featuring 3BR/3.5BA, fireplace, elevator, striking high ceilings, spacious eat in kitchen."


And....if you want to see the most expensive real estate listing in Palm Beach, this is it $59,000,000.00 Home.


  1. You know what? I like and could handle/manage, as in live in, the second one much better than those other two.
    I like your 'lessons' in Spanish Revival Chania.

  2. Hi Chania - I wanted to say thank you for your FAB comment regarding growing older - as ever you were truthful and balanced. Meanwhile when I see these Floridian houses it makes me want to go there even more. I saw another blog that featured St Pete's and Treasure Island and it gave me a complete jolt of wanting to go back. That's why I love your Florida posts, as they remind me. Take care, Lou x

  3. Lovely to look at . . . I like the second one, I could visualize myself living there. Opulence . . . I like seeing, visiting . . . give me relaxed and comfy.

    Love having you do these posts Chania . . .

  4. Palm Beach is over the top isn't it? I think I prefer the "cheaper" place just because it is unfurnished and I can imagine it a certain way. Agree with you on the first place, a more rustic decor would be my preference, but I do love that blue room. Rod Stewart has a home in PB. We drove by it and it is just lovely. I saw an interview with him and he was talking about the house and how people always stop and take pictures of it. The interviewer asked him if that bothered him and Rod replied, "No, because if it weren't for them I couldn't have bought it". Gotta love Rod Stewart. At least from the 70s and 80s. Ann

  5. Hello Chania

    A very interesting post. I love this era in architecture.
    Have a wonderful week

    Helen xx

  6. Beauty on the outside, completely wrong decorating on the inside.

    love that tile floor.

    I shudder to think what they paid for that look.

    xo Jane

  7. Well I love them both - gorgeous!!!!!!!!!


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