Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catch Up

I seem to be lacking in material lately.  Life hasn't been handing me blog-able moments.  So, I decided to show you some nature shots as I chat about my weekend.  Tonight the sun cast a gorgeous glow on the trees by the pond near our house.  The light made everything a fabulous chartreuse.
We closed the deal on the cottage this week and handed over the keys.  I'm not one to be attached to buildings, so it was relatively easy to do.  We made an offer on another Florida house, but the lawyer that owns it seems to think he's getting paid hourly or something because it is the most drawn out offer (5 days) I have ever encountered.  I ended up just telling the agent my bottom line and staying out of it. He can call me in September and let me know if we got it.  Now the seller is into his closing argument.  So we wait.  And watch the grapefruit ripen.

We made the trip to see the in-laws.  FIL had another medical crisis warranting another ambulance trip from one hospital to another.  Another midnight emergency procedure and thankfully doing well once again.  It sucks getting old.
 And because ....there just aren't enough photos of peony;s on the blogs.......................
Made a little $$ at a garage sale on Saturday.  Garage sailing is difficult.  People don't want to spend a dollar on a pair of brand new boots, they want to spend 50 cents.  I like to hold out for the dollar and then donate the items to charity if I can't sell it.
My neighbor died a couple of years ago, and she was such an avid gardener.  I still  like to lean over her fence and admire her work. Her husband thinks I am spying on him.   She loved her dogwood tree.  I had a little "moment for Margaret" today beside her beautiful dogwood tree.  Gone too soon.....

So, a bit of a transitional time.  A blogging slow down.....petering out a little....sorry!


  1. I love your photographs!! So very serene and pretty!

  2. What a stunning view you have...I would love to have a pond on my property...maybe someday. Thanks for the kind words on our loss. I see your babies over there so I know you know what i's like to lose a family member. Hugs-Carrie

  3. Well it turned into a great post anyway!
    I love hearing the day to days of people and the photos are could post those with no words and I would love it. Sounds like life is going along...let's hope no news is good news. :) Sarah

  4. There can never be enough peony photos.

    xo Jane

  5. Beautiful photos! Good luck finding a home. I wish your father-in-law well. I'm very sorry about your neighbor. Last of all I thought it was a nice post. Good photos and it made me apprciate my home, family, and neighbors. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I admire your sang-froid buying your new house - I'd be a blithering wreck! Maybe contemplating mortality and gardens is a good way to stay centered~

  7. We should have chatted Saturday! I was holding my garage sale for Hannah's new NYC apt furniture also.

    Like minds....
    We passed our goal. WOOT!

  8. Yes - I too love the top photos, Raz.

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  10. Your "nothing" post sure is beautiful! Love your pics - I'm really missing all the lush green - everything in Dubai is so sandy and beige. Sorry to hear about your FIL - I know, getting old sucks. I think your moment for Margaret was so touching. xo

  11. Your peonies are lovely! I can't wait for mine to come out. We are so far behind everyone else. I think you've got enough going on right now to be too concerned with your blog. Hope everyone is well and the lawyer has had his closing arguments.

  12. sometimes these are the best posts though. good for you on holding out for the dollar! xo

  13. It does suck getting old and it sucks for the family of those aging. Life cycle is inevitable and watching someone fade is heartbreaking. But on a happier note - don't you just love garage sales? Buying.. selling .. it's all good. I can always tell when one is ahead as my husband draws my attention to the other side of the road and speeds up ever so slightly.

  14. Beautiful pictures and thanks for the update. Always nice to hear what you're up to.
    Hope the house buying goes through this time.

  15. Florida has it's own sense of time Chania...or lack of same. Unique!
    Your photos are lovely...and I really enjoyed the way you chatted through them. Hope your FIL is okay.
    My neighbour planted a dogwood tree today...and the beat goes on.

  16. Chania, gorgeous images!! We all go through these times in Blog Land! There have been days I felt I just could not get on the computer for another minute!

    All will be fine, take time for you!

    Art by Karena

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  17. beautiful, beautiful photos of the pond by your house! I think sometimes we all need a bloggy break;) So sorry about your FIL...
    It is so sweet that you pause a moment for Margaret and remember her- we should all be so lucky to have someone remember us.

    p.s. I can not tell you how much I LOVED your comment! thank you.

  18. You're crazy! It was the perfect post.
    Your Friend, m.

  19. Your neighbor's flowers
    made for a bittersweet
    moment, for sure. Such
    lovely pictures!
    xx Suzanne

  20. Lots of people seem to be slowing down with blogging this summer, myself included.

    Gosh you live in a beautiful place.... The greens in those first few photos are mesmerizing!

    Sorry your FIL is ill. Those late night calls are tough ones.

    Hang in there with the house. Fingers crossed.


  21. your photography is absolutely stunning. so sorry to hear about your FIL. you are right, getting old really does suck.

    happy canada day!


  22. Oh Chania it sounds like you have a LOT on Lovey....Take a BREATHER why don't you....!

    BUGGER....It seems that IDIOT American Woman hater is back leaving comments on your blog....I DID get one myself a while back but it went to my SPAM folder & didn't stick in my comments....!!

    You may not have been attached to your cottage but I for one will MISS it horribly....!! I'm SURE though I'll become attached to the NEXT cottage though so it's OK....!!!!!

    Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E your pond shots....ESPECIALLY thought one....GORGEOUS....!!

    **sigh**....And YES....It SUCKS getting old....I hope your FIL is OK....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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