Friday, June 10, 2011

Home Soil...and don't forget to watch the hockey game........

Arrived home to some bursts of purple in the garden. 

We have returned home from our vacation/house hunt refreshed and pleased with the fact that we both now love St. Petersburg and feel it was the right decision for this house.  Mr Raz will be building the USA side of his business while we are there, and I will be doing something I haven't figured out yet. .......Given that I can't take a job there, I need to figure what I can do there for several 2-3 week spells several times a year.  My fiber art is something I am thinking of going back to since I find I can focus better on it when it is my sole distraction and not thinking about clients and sofas etc.    House chosen still may fall through, but that's OK.  We bought it more for the location than the house and I am not in LOVE with the actual house, so I can deal with the loss if it happens. Bigger fish to fry than fussing over a house.

Wisteria in bloom and many bees along with it.  Keeping allergic cat away.
We stayed at the historic Vinoy Hotel in St Pete which was originally built in the 20's, closed down for 18 years and was inhabited by the homeless.  Restored now to it's former glory, I would highly recommend it as a great play to stay, central to everything.  I love a hotel breakfast with a silver coffeepot and those little pots of jam.  Favourite thing to eat here was the Vanilla Bean Waffle with Plum Compote and Salted Honey Butter. They have a massive porch running the whole length of the hotel where you can sit in rocking chairs and stare over the harbour while drinking Gin.
The Porch at the Vinoy.  Photo from

Basil starting to take's very particular is basil.
And of course we did my "Florida" thing.  Testing the key lime pies for desert every night to rate the best one.  Hotel won for flavour and zestiness.  400 Beach Seafood and Tapas won for crust...macadamia nuts are the secret ingredient in that.  I once tested almost every Key Lime Pie on the menu on Sanibel Island......

The thing about going away is coming back to the familiar and loved.  I can never wait to go, and then look forward to being back.

Wishing you all a great weekend.  Don't forget the Vancouver Canucks are playing Boston tonight in the Stanley Cup Final........(Hockey for those from afar)


  1. Enjoy a nice weekend

  2. Love key lime pie too!! And the macadamia nut crust sounds like a fine marriage. Delish!

    We will be watching the game over here on the westcoast! Rooting for our local boys!

  3. I scrolled down and saw that porch photo first. And I was like "Bitch, is that your new house?" I was just about to slit my wrists and then I read that you only stayed there. I felt much better then.
    Take care of yourself.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Surely you can find many things to do for a few weeks while in Florida. You are so talented you will work it out. I love key lime pie and that sounds that a fun way to check out everyone's pie. Have a great weekend. ♥O

  5. Wish I was sitting on the porch at the Vinoy, eating key lime pie!
    There is so much to do in Tampa/StPete area,you'll find ton's to do, I'm sure you'll want to visit the Hard Rock Casino/Hotel and play the slots.
    Let me know I'll meet ya there, I love to go!

  6. Oh yes, it's a Hockey Night! And now craving key lime pie...

  7. Key Lime Pie, Gin, Sanibel Island - I'm more than a bit envious.

    Go Canucks!

  8. Key lime pie, oh my! Thanks for the update, have a great weekend.

  9. Glad to hear you've come to terms with the house situation in Florida. Even better to know you're not in love with the house since it's still up in the air. I'm sure whatever you end up finding you will put your stamp on it and make it something that you and all the rest of us will love. Have a great weekend.

  10. What excitment. I love the idea of key lime pie every night. Can't wait to hear how your adventure ends.

  11. Chania - that hotel sounds a lovely place to stay. Love your purple flowers! Sorry if I'm repeating myself - have got a new blog address - I would hate to lose you!

  12. A new house sounds wonderful and that it's in Florida sounds even better. There's so much to do there I'm sure you'll figure out something...otherwise you could alway eat key lime pie ;)

  13. Your hotel sounds lovely! And your key lime pie taste tests sound like me with butter tarts! Glad to hear that you're sold on location, now you just need the house. And what a lovely excuse to do some more creative projects when you're "forced" to! :)

  14. Sounds like a fabulous trip, and I am stoked about tonights game!!


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