Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Over-Abundance of Art

A favourite oil...
Since selling the cottage, I have brought home some of the items that we didn't sell with it, including all the art.
It worked well up North with all the moody colours and Northern landscape, however, my home has most walls covered, which leaves a rather overabundance of art.

 Since it can take me two years to hang one piece, this process may take a while.

 For now, I have leaned them all against the living room wall waiting for inspiration. Or the cat to knock them all over like dominos as she seems to like to squeeze in behind them

I love the oils by Canadian artists, but they aren't fitting with this house, and will be even less at home in Florida.   Do you think art needs to work with the decor, or should you buy what you love?

I love the colours in this painting.  Rather shabby roses drooping.....


  1. Wow, you have some beautiful pieces! I say live with it all on the fall until the inspiration hits and buy what you love...always buy what you love and it will work...otherwise, it looks like a showroom.

    Congrats on selling the cottage!

  2. Sarah's a wise woman. Listen to her. m.

  3. I say buy what you love. I too have an over abundance of art. Some is in a closet in the garage. I have the walls filled with such a variety of things (plates, oars, you name it) that I just can't hang all the artwork.

  4. You can have too much of a good thing, Raz - let alone all those Canadian paintings.

  5. Sarah says it all, as usual!

  6. Always, always
    buy what you love!!
    I think these will
    make a GREAT gallery
    wall and send you
    to cool places in
    your mind when the
    weather gets hot!
    xx Suzanne

  7. I've been without internet for a few days. Finally back in blogland. I came right over as soon as I saw those paintings on my dashboard. WOW! I love the vibrant colours in the floral ones.

    Congratulations on selling the cottage. Such a relief huh? I hope the sadness is gone, and the excitement of redistributing your treasures that came home with you is exciting.

  8. Did I see blue cow butts in that passle of paintings? Congrats on selling your cottage.

  9. congratulations on the sale of your cottage!! that is terriffic news, indeedy.

    only buy art that you love.........never to just match the sofa.

    oh, i bet you are looking at all the listings down in FL now? FUN!


  10. Chania,

    Definitely! Buy what you love and it will work. You don't have to hang everything , you can even rotate your collection!

    Art by Karena

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  11. What a wonderful thing to have an over-abundance of! There's no what you love, it will all work together, especially when nothing matches...and it's much more interesting!
    xo j~

  12. Just found you at Old Grey Mare....beautiful spot here. Congrats on the sale of your cottage. Don't know if you are relocating or what...but it will be fun getting to know you better.


  13. You should buy the art that you love! If you decide you'd like to sell any of the pretties you've shown us...let me know!

  14. Always follow your heart...

  15. can't have too much art! go with the loves...


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