Monday, August 1, 2011

Civic Holiday

We couldn't have asked for a better Holiday Weekend than what we go this weekend in Ontario.  Absolute perfection.  We began the weekend with an invite to our neighbors S & L for dinner with their 8 year old amazing star drummer son who entertained us with some Joe Jackson, and their gorgeous newly adopted form China baby girl.  They are such an interesting couple, having met in China.  They have many wonderful stories.  He speaks fluent Mandarin and told us of an elevator ride he took here in Toronto with 2 Chinese men who made fun of his nose in Mandarin.  He responded to their insult in Mandarin and they all shook hands, laughed a bit and then went out for a beer together.

And with great weather like this, you need to find the nearest relative with a lakefront property and descend upon them, family reunion style.  Our Paternal Side family reunion was held in Red Bay on Lake Huron.  A perfect gathering of our kids, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and babies and dogs.  Tehre's nothing more fun than PEOPLE and i love seeing my nieces and nephews.

The highlight of my weekend was having both my kids together to star gaze and sit around the campfire.  The lake was spectacular...the recent heatwave has made it like lukewarm bathwater....perfect for the little ones.
 Families were gathered all along the lakefront.
 Pretty marshes....
 People are just so happy around sunshine and water.....

 This is the cottage where we stayed....with the ice cream cone on the front....
 And it has a great tree house...................

 I actually decorated this cottage when it went through it's reno 8 years ago.......
 And then I left them to their own devices.......
 Captain Grandpa with Gram......nicely recovered from his broken hip.  (HAPPY BIRTHDAY both of you)
 My boy.....without finace Tracy who couldn't make it...
 Happy Buddy......

After dinner, we hightailed it over to Lion's Head, where we met up with a huge crowd of friends who were camping up there for the amazing fireworks display over the marina.  We sat by the marina right near our recently sold cottage....and yes I did try to peek in and see what they've done (nothing) to it.

Nothing like the sunsets in Red Bay.  

Waiting for my boy to finish golfing to make dinner.  My girl did all the grocery shopping for me, and tonight we are having dinner just the 4 of us after what seems like weeks of people in and out of the house (sister staying here, dog staying her, brother staying here.........birthday parties.....I am craving a little peace and quiet in the house.

I have new neighbors from the UK this weekend too...and I am very excited about getting to know them and making them feel at home on our street and in our country....speaking of which....after 38 years, I applied for Canadian citizenship on Friday......I know.....about Bloody Time right?


  1. I should think it's time Chania! The cottage and the lake look wonderful.

  2. Beautiful pictures, lovely weekend. Sounds like you had perfection!
    And yes! Time for that citizenship after all this time.

  3. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I know how happy you are surrounded by family and friends. Sounds idyllic.

    So Canadian citizenship eh? My Canadian friend here just applied for USA citizenship. Lose one, gain one.... lol

  4. ...beautiful pictures...Thanks for sharing.....goergous son!...
    The water looks so tropical!

  5. Oh YAYYYYYYYYYY Chania.....CONGRATULATIONS on applying for Citizenship....That's a WIN for Canada for sure....!!!!!

    Your reunion weekend looks WONDERFUL....I bet it was LOVELY to have the kids around....!!

    I hope you have a BRILLIANT week....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

    PS: You know how you were talking about Pinterest a while back....Well I discovered a couple of my pics tagged with no credit & I find I AM quite annoyed....!!!!!

  6. Great photo's,what a fun time,and beautiful sunset,congrats on citizenship,Yall still going to Florida?

  7. My gosh, it all looks perfect...the lake, the cabin, the family. When the sun is shining and everyone is laughing is my favorite type of weekend. How fun to have your children together!
    Hope all your days are just as lovely ~

  8. Oh my goodness!! That looks like an absolutely perfect time:)
    Your photos are lovely too!!

  9. Looks like a glorious weekend, just what holiday weekends should be, with loved ones all gathered at a beautiful outdoorsy place. Love that cottage. And congrats on becoming a Canadian citizen.

  10. This is why I have a billion kids. One day, I want a cabin where my children and grandchildren come to visit. I'll have you over too. m.

  11. I think you should adopt me Chania, so I can come to the reunion next year!
    38 years to get citizenship! that's hilarious.
    I remember my citizenship interview (some 35 years ago now) I was asked to swear allegiance to the Queen...I said, incredulous, that I was English, that I was born allied to the Queen, and asked the official if he was joking! Very seriously he replied NO and made me do it!
    (I don't think you have to do that anymore!)
    Fab pictures!

  12. Looks like it was a perfectly hot Ontario August long weekend. How is it August already?
    Congrats on the sale of your cottage and the purchase of your Florida home!!! wow!!!!
    Thanks for the "chin up" words today. I appreciate it so so much! xox

  13. Sounds like so much fun. Family, friends, and time together. Does my heart good to hear it. I love blogging and hearing about the good things out there in life. Glad you had a good time.

  14. unlike my brillliant Sis, Jacqueline, it took me 21 years to apply for my Canadian Citizernship, me and about 50 others made it all so impersonal.
    Still can't understand why I waited so long...I love Canada.
    Congrats Chania...welcome to the club!
    Your weekend looked fabulous.

  15. Looks like such a perfect weekend ! Love your picks! So I guess I'll be able to officially call you a Canuck now, huh? Xo

  16. Sunshine and water, family and friends - a recipe for heaven in my book, Chania. I'm green with envy!


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