Friday, August 19, 2011

Florida Day 1

Florida Day 1....and exhausting day.  We arrived at the airport really early because the line up at US Customs is very long, only to be divided into lines according to what time your flight left.  We got in the line with the same folk who arrived an hour before.  There were about 2,000 people forced into "holding areas" to wait for their turn to wait in line to go through customs.  For the second time in a row I was flagged for "Special Security" which is no big deal...a quick check.  After 2 1/2 hours waiting for customs with 5 minutes until boarding, I get flagged again and sent to Secondary Screening.  After a short wait, I was asked some questions, then had my luggage checked, quite pleased that my new lacy bras were the first things to pop out from the suitcase.  Finally let go.  Sure I had missed my flight only to board and have another hour wait as 15 people had still to clear customs.  Is it ME or are any of you getting "Random" checks at security or customs?

Then to the Agents office to get our keys, off to the house where we had nothing at all to sit on until 6 pm when our bed arrived.  Thank you Tampa bay Discount Mattress for delivering between 5 and 6 as promised.

My sore knee was so bad from all the standing and the sprint from customs to the further gate and we were so tired, we slept on a beach blanket on the floor.  The Raz man made a pillow with a roll of paper towels.....
We pottered in the garden and met with the Tree Guy about getting this all under control......The elephant is a fountain and the previous owners left him for me.  Thank You............we'' take good care of your house....


  1. Yayyyyyyy Chania you've arrived SAFE & SOUND albeit, delayed by Customs but NEVER MIND....Your THERE in your new home & your bed arrived as PROMISED.... :o) !!

    Poor Mr Raz....He must have been K-NACKered by the look of him....hahahahaha....I'm sure in a few days he'll be able to laugh at that pic....!!

    Don't rush to get EVERYTHING done Lovey....After all....Rome was built in a day & neither should Casa DU Razmataz....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah xxx

  2. Glad you arrived safely! And it can only get better after that welcome...
    xo Cathy

  3. Glad you got there in time for the mattress man anyway. I've never had a customs check. I think it's terrible they make you miss your flight for it. I love your hubby's pillow!

  4. love the picture of raz man so tired that he didn't even take his socks completely off!! when i told my hubby about your day and showed him the picture......he chuckled and said "nice floors". glad you made it.

  5. I told you it's the boots. If you had kept the orange ones they would have let you right through !!!

    Good thing mattress guy came through_ I was gonna hex him otherwise.
    yes, I agree, take a breath and enjoy this new venture.
    So glad to see you here today.... was wondering....
    Congratulations on your new home.

  6. Wow, those first two pics say it all. You poor things, what a day. Those security checks and all the time spent waiting for them are a nightmare. At least you are there now :)

  7. Now that is tired! You poor things. Thank goodness for the new mattress.

  8. That first shot has made my Saturday! Hilarious. As for your "random" check, hasn't happened to me yet. Yikes. I'm so happy for you that you had your dazzling new bras front and centre ;) Happy Florida Day one to you both!

  9. Wow! Customs sounds like a barrel of fun. NOT! Sounds like it might have been faster to drive.

  10. You should send that photo of the Razman to Playgirl. m.

  11. I am so looking forward to your new adventures in your new digs. Thanks for the warning about traveling.

  12. So glad you arrived safe and sound - and no, it's not just you - I seem to be attracting the special screening nowadays too - must be our good looks ; )


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