Thursday, August 11, 2011


I need a lot of coffee today.

Yesterday was a completely crappy day.  It all started off with a visa card issue, followed by a mistake I made on a Government Form, which is going to cost money.  Then I helped my sister move.....scrubbing the filth left behind by previous owners.  Upon leaving her house, I headed home. I am not sure what really happened, but I was stopped at a red light, then when the advanced green flashed, for some daft (distracted) reason, I went.  Only the dude in front of me didn't.  Smack.  Into the back end of his Lexus.  Of course!.  He hopped out.  Holding his neck!!!! I obviously didn't hit him hard, since I had stopped, and my air bags didn't deploy.

My license plate cover had a crack, but no damage to my car.  His fender had shifted 1/2 inch, and the paint from my plate had imprinted on his fender.  Anyway, he was actually very pleasant, although still groaning on about his neck. He took my information while rubbing his neck with his other hand. Off to police reporting station today.  He told me he will get a quote from the place he's been to the other times he has been hit.......

I've been driving for 32 years and have NEVER hit anything or been hit by anything.  I've been feeling bad because I was distracted. I wasn't paying attention.  $$$$$$$$$

Goodbye lousy day.  Hello today!


  1. Poor Chania, that's a terrible run of luck. I hope some good fortune comes your way to compensate. Imaginary neck injuries are such a human failing.

  2. Let's hope this is the last time that you ever "hit anything or bit hit by anything".
    I'd make a joke about women drivers but I don't think you're in the mood.
    So, just take care of yourself.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. so sorry for your string of bad luck! take it from someone who has had whiplash twice...the pain does NOT show up until the next day when the muscles have tightened up...he is faking it?
    try and have a good day today :0)

  4. Sorry about your bad day. Hoping things turn around.

  5. oh my! when it rains it pours, doesn't it? glad you weren't rubbing your neck after it all. Apparently this week in the stars is supposed to be a week of mishaps and mix-ups - I guess you're experiencing it first hand.
    Here's wishing you a better day today! xo

  6. Oh Chania, I'm so sorry you had such an awful day! They say bad things come in 3's and since you exceeded that number yesterday, you should be good for another 32 years! I hope the rest of your week is calm and quiet.


  7. Oh dear! I'm sure you'll have a much better day today. You HAVE to!

  8. Good riddance to yesterday...poor Chania. I hope it gets better for you today. We all have those kinds of days, we are human. I hope it passes and things look up today. xox

  9. Chania,

    Oh dear. That is a bad day for sure. It sounds like we all think the guy is taking advantage of the situation. He may have a history of doing this deliberately which your insurance and police can check out, so perhaps you weren't distracted.
    Regardless I hope your day is better today sweetie and hopefully Kat is correct and you filled your quota of bad...

  10. Chania, that was one bunk day. I hope his neck is ok ;) Maybe in one of those coffees you should slip in a little baileys or something else boozy! I think you should also but a lotto ticket today.

  11. Oy, how many times have I almost made the same mistake! It is so easy to focus on the little green light and forget about the car in front of you. Hope your day gets better!

  12. Maybe the "neck injuries" is how he came to be driving a Lexus in the first place. A lot of us have done the same thing - distractions, fatigue or whatever - that's why there is car and personal injury insurance. Thank goodness it was minor and no one was seriously hurt. In BC we are allowed one accident and our insurance costs don't go up - hope you have it there too and are not forced into going to "his guy".

  13. Poor you...that's awful. With the brilliant weather we are having right now, today has to be better!

  14. Well! Thank God that day is over.
    Don't beat yourself up about it though - things happen.
    Sounds fishy though. I had an experience like that a couple of years ago - apparently the insurance company said the guy had been in accidents before that were similar.
    The guy had slammed on his brakes in front of me and I could stop in time.

  15. Hey, don't sweat it - I've been in about 14 car accidents and still going strong ;-) Considering how many stupid things people do to distract themselves while they're driving, don't be too hard on yourself. You simply had an "oops" moment that wasn't entirely your fault - the light WAS green after all!

    Hope you're having a better day today :-)

  16. Oh what a lousy day for you yesterday, Chania! Hope today is much improved. I watched a documentary one night on how people make a living by deliberately causing the driver behind to crash into the back and then falsely claim whip lash and all that other stuff on the insurance. I'm wondering a bit about this very nice man who stayed put when the light turned green?

  17. I have a few dishes just like your polka dot coffee mug and dish! My best advice: stay home when distracted. Of course that would mean I could never go out.

  18. So was today better? God, I think you got a years bad luck in all at once.

    Apparently Mars is retrograde. The planet of communication gone awry.

    Not your fault any of it. Blame it on the Universe.

    xo jane

  19. Oh Chania, what a horrible day for you:( I hope that today has been much brighter and happier! Thank you so much for your very lovely email (which I had not found, so thanks also for your message!!). Your email made me smile and I hope your 'flower' makes you smile:) Huge hugs for a wonderful weekend ~ Txx

  20. Glad you are able to say goodbye to the terrible day.

  21. Oh BUGGER Chania....I'm sorry for your CRAPPY day Lovey but HAPPY to know you're OK....THAT's the main thing....!!

    I drive around in a PERMANENT state of distraction & I'm SURE I've just been LUCKY to have avoided doing this myself.....A lesson for all of us I think....!!

    Warm HUGS from Australia,
    Tamarah xx


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