Saturday, August 20, 2011

Florida Day 2

Day 2 was for exploring where to shop for food, wine, bedding etc.  And discovering what I love about the USA....and Florida so far.....................................

1. Rachel Ashwell at Target
2.  Buying wine and beer in the grocery store. (In Canada, only Quebec allows this)
3.  Cheap liquor......crazy cheap wine prices
4.  Friendly People.......super friendly.....customer service oriented......
5.  Fiber Optic Internet......10 times faster uploads of photos for blogging...

Other than a couch and bed, we have no furniture.  Not even a box to use as an end table....But at least we have a comfy place to sleep and sit.  And to wake up to this view of the garden from the master bedroom balcony is really special......I hope everyone is having a fun weekend........


  1. Oh it's so gorgeous. You really are in Shangra-la when you have RA and Target combined.

  2. Dear Chania,

    You must be exhausted and have probably never been so glad for a comfy spot to lay your head. The good news is that now you are where you're supposed to be. And that view is pretty sweet! Good luck (and have fun) with getting settled and making this new house into a home.

    Big hugs to you,


  3. That bed sure looks better than the roll of paper towels. Enjoy your new home, I can't wait to see what you do with it to make it yours.

  4. Yay! for the US of A! I just adore Target and it is my fav place to shop. Love your view! Kit

  5. What? You can buy wine and beer in the grocery story? Not here in PA you can't! Lucky you!
    I would love if my house only had a sofa and a bed. That's a Barbie Dream house to me.

  6. I wish for you good times and fun decorating in your new home!

  7. Sounds like fun times and new discoveries Chania!

  8. Welcome to Florida, I am in Boca Raton...
    Be glad to help out with resources for decorating and accessorizing!

    Enjoy your new place, and your wine ;)
    Northern Light Blog

  9. Dear Chania!! I am so sorry to have been lurking recently and not commenting, like a good bloggy friend should:( I am so excited for you to be embarking on such an exciting journey...and may I say, even with only a do it in such style!! I am so looking forward to watching (and commenting!!) as you decorate your gorgeous new home . Wishing you nothing but happiness! Much love to you ~ Txx

  10. Chania....Welcome to Florida! I am right up the road in Clearwater...let me know if I can be of any help to you. Check out Mazzaro's...2909 22nd Ave. North. It's a Tampa Bay landmark. Lot and lots of yummy wine, pastries, pasta, etc. Enjoy, Robyn

  11. Wow! Chania that view is amazing. Enjoy!

    We can buy beer in the groceries in Kansas, then right across state line in Missouri you can buy both beer and liquor! Kansas used to be what was called a Dry State!


    Art by Karena

  12. I am new to your blog but did read your profile. It mentioned you live in Canada? Did you now leave Canada behind and move to Florida permanently? If so... welcome to the USA, from a blogger in the state of Virginia!!

  13. Target is wonderful. Welcome. I do hope your furniture arrives. Find a Trader Joe's for even cheaper good wine.

  14. I love the jungle view out the bedroom window - what a great sight to wake up to. BTW, in BC we can buy wine, beer and spirits at the gas station. They've even started stocking limes!

  15. That view is fantastic, I would love to wake up to that.
    You are going to have such fun gardening.. :)

  16. Welcome to Florida, Y'all! Yes, the easy attainment of adult beverages is one thing my Canadian friends always remark on when visiting! Your bed looks lovely and I hope you don't get a visit from that nasty Irene - we want you to love our state! Ann

  17. Congrats on your new home exciting! Your list is too funny and exactly what I would strange to see beer and wine at the corner store!!! ~Deb~

  18. Hi Chania - Oh it does look lovely, so envious! We are at the beach for a week or so more and whilst it's Europe, there are echoes of Florida that keep creeping up on me and making my heart ache. The blue of the water or the fine sand. But no American conveniences I'm afraid!! Lou x

  19. Looking good! And Target always makes all the rough times better. Isn't it fun trying to settle in? I'm awaiting our Canadian shipment any day now and will finally have more necessities. I could use a good stiff drink with all this waiting but in a dry country - it's not too easy to come by! :)

  20. Thank you Robin. We went to Mazzaros and it was wonderful!


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