Monday, October 3, 2011

Farewell Exuma!

Exuma from the air. The turquoise sea and the ridges of sand are so gorgeous
We left our marvelous week behind yesterday.  What a week.  2 sets of parents, 1 set of grands, a pair of family friends and 16 of the most delightful young 20 somethings I've ever met. We all groomed and met for dinner each night, went to the various parties and hotel events, then danced at the club until the elders left the young'ens to it and retired for the night.

Exuma is one of the islands that make up the Bahamas.  No designer shops here or beach vendors...just pure simplicity and tranquility.  Colourful houses dotted around the island and a few basic shops.  Most of the island people are employed the the resort. It is truly a place for the sun and sea. I am so going to miss my midnight dips in the ocean and one of my favourite thing in the world....a hotel breakfast followed by a swim in the sea, a good book and a lounge chair.

The Bahamas
A destination wedding is an absolutely wonderful way to have a wedding, but also a great way to get an extended family together, where no one has to cook, plan etc. And it was the perfect way for a bride and groom to forge deeper connections to their friends and family who will support them over the years.

There was a definite sadness at the airport as the Toronto folk said goodbye to the Montreal folk....many hugs and double kisses (French).  Next weekend there is a reception in Montreal for the we need to rest up and get our photos and video sorted so we can celebrate with the rest of our family and friends.


  1. What a lovely week.

    Back to reality. So unfair.

    xo Jane

  2. What a wonderful event Chania...memories for a lifetime...

  3. I hope your steps back into the Real World are gentle and easy.
    besos, C

  4. and a grand time was had by all...yes...perfect

  5. Chania, it looks absolutely amazing; what a great week. Lou x

  6. What a perfect week. It sounds like paradise :)

  7. Congratulations Chania! What a wonderful way to bring two families together and celebrate with those families and good friends. Love it all! Ann

  8. Sounds absolutely perfect! I've always said that if I was to do it all over again, it would definitely be a destination wedding.

  9. Love the pictures from the plane - the water is such gorgeous shades of blue :-) Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all, and I'm so envious of your midnight dips in the ocean!

    I'm overwhelmed by all the people who helped in the search for Jackson - friends coming out to search with us, people in the area keeping en eye out for him, blog buddies leaving comments with words of support, complete strangers on Twitter & Facebook retweeting and sharing my updates.... there are LOTS of good people out there, and I appreciate every single person, friend or stranger, who helped. Still can't believe that Jackson managed to find his own way home - he's smarter than we give him credit for!

  10. Sounds amazing Chania. My sister is getting married in Rarotonga in a few weeks time, and I'm really hoping it will be as lovely as your week sounds.


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