Sunday, June 3, 2012

For Lou.

Passe a Grille beach

John's Pass

This post is for Lou from Lou Boos and Shoes. She has a special fondness for Pass A Grille Beach and John's Pass.


  1. Lovely.... I know you will miss your time there. Safe travels back! Ann

  2. What is all that water ? Is that sand ??? Good grief, it looks like a .... Beach !!
    You will feel very sorry for me if I tell you how long it has been since I have been to a beach .. poor me ~
    besitos. C ( it is not even 60ºF and windy and coats and scarves are needed)

  3. You're putting more and more places I have to add to my "must see" Florida list!!! This beach looks amazing!

  4. Bringing back memories...the Don Cesar...pale pink perfection! N.xo

  5. I feel so cool just looking at that blue water.

  6. Oh My goodness!! Chania I sit here on a cold summer's morning (what summer?) in England and I stumble across these wonderful pictures - JUST FOR ME!! You are a sweetheart and if an aeroplane presented itself I would leap on it and get there. It is such a place of fondness for me - I remember walking past the Don Cesar looking for sand dollars in the water. A little slice of Floridian heaven. Thank you so much - I am really touched you thought of me. Lou x

  7. The picture of the concrete steps with the metal rail and all the people sitting around is the feel I remember of the beaches growing up in Florida. So many areas have replaced the old beach side surroundings with a new look. I love seeing this. It brings back all the best memories from my childhood, so much of which was spent at the beach with my family and neighborhood friends.


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