Thursday, July 5, 2012

Montreal Apartment Day 2

They rescued this plaster mantle from another room...not an easy job to remove but it was carefully chiseled off the wall and re-homed here in the dining room. The dining table is a hand me down, as are the chairs which were part of a set..we cut the round table down to make the coffee table. 

This lovely dresser belonged to DIL's grandmother and was a keeper. We bought a mirror and painted it white. A simple glass lamp and wicker tray for liquor bottles gave it a French parlour look.

Our work is done here in Montreal and our visit over. I hate saying goodbye to the kids, but I really feel this visit was worthwhile, both as time well spent with our lovely newlyweds, and also to help them get their flat sorted out. Since they started construction, doing most of the work on their own, they have had to deal with a couple of crisis with people they love and have spent most their spare time, along with the other sisters, assisting on that front. As a result they never caught up on that post construction phase of getting their home back to orderly and livable. Luckily, they don't mind me interfering and helping them to get their home arranged so that they can at least come home to a pretty apartment with things they love and can un-wind without the chaos of construction tools and dust. Since there is still work to do, the tools have been relegated to the hallway and the living, dining, kitchen and bedroom are good to go. We moved things from one room to another (and back again) and cleared out all the stuff they longer need to other family members or the Salvation Army. 

Other than a new slipcover for the found sofa, a few baskets and a lamp and mirror, the budget has not gone over $1100.00. Every other piece is used and recycled which I think is fantastic. It shows that you can have a stylish place without spending lots of money. I'm leaving happy that they have a good base to be happy and comfy and they can start evolving their own style and adding personal touches. 


  1. Everyone needs a mom like you! It lookes beautiful!


  2. It looks wonderful! I'm sure the kids are happy to have things looking so great!

  3. Very nice style. Love all the touches. The kids are fortunate to have you step in and make their house their home! Have a great week!

  4. How nice and cozy the apartment is, especially with all the personal touches and recycled goodies. I've always preferred used furniture, especially when received from a family member. Sounds like everyone had a great visit. Ann

  5. Your heart reaches to the moon and back. I know this to be true <3

  6. I enjoy redoing / rearranging other peoples stuff too but whenever I try on Some people they get all fussy and tell me to leave things alone ... sigh .. and I am so sure I can make it look better lol.

    You and I would have such fun together ..
    I agree with oldgreymare ... your heart is so freaking huge !

    love you, C

  7. What a gorgeous apartment and how lucky the kids are to have your input. Heck, I'd love to have you come here and help me! :) It's beautiful, you're a wonderful mom.

    I'm so sorry about your friend....

    Sarah xo


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