Thursday, July 19, 2012


Soft peach was the color theme for the shower

This cake was lovely with a cream cheese frosting and apricot filling

Details....wrapped napkins, balloons and lanterns

Spoiled with 2 cakes

The garden party

Pretty cookie......

Flowers and punch....

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I've been working on the biggest design project of my career and feel like I have been on the phone for two weeks straight, co-ordinating deliveries, chasing missing packages, tradesmen, drapery installers etc. Thrown in the mix are 2 funerals, a birthday party and a bridal shower, and girl child trying to find accommodation for August 1st after finding out her flooded condo is still not repaired . The sadness of the passing of friends has dampened my spirits some, especially knowing that people I love are really hurting right now. I have been trying to muster some joy at attending the happy events and trying to support and send love to those in need at this time.

Our good friend's daughter Lori is to be married in August and despite crazy high temperatures and threats of rain that never materialized, her mother held a fabulous bridal shower with all the key ladies in her life. Me included. I like to sit back at these events and observe...photograph and keep a low profile. It didn't go unnoticed to me the fragility of the cycle of life.


  1. You are a wise and beautiful person Chania.

  2. The shower looks lovely - delicate and dreamy in peach and white. Is it our age, but I feel that fragility of life thing too. I find tears springing unexpectedly to my eyes at poignant times.

  3. What a beautiful event captured in your pictures.

  4. A lovely shower and such a beautiful post so sorry for the loss of your friends.
    Am sure your work project is a huge success :)
    Carla x

  5. You can't stop living, can you!
    "And the beat goes on".

  6. It looks like a beautiful event. Sending you hugs Chania. You take care xx

  7. Dear Chania,

    Life certainly has a way of throwing everything toward us, all at once. The good and the bad, the sorrow and the joy, come hurtling our way and we stand there with a catcher's mit on hoping to not be smacked in the face by an errant ball (although that sometimes happens also). I think the best we can do is let the feelings come, and express them when they arise like the tides. Sorry for your losses and challenges. The shower appears to have been so very lovely. Your pictures really bring out the beautiful, small moments.

    Big hugs to you.

  8. You've certainly seen the full circle this week. It's a delicate balance, life. Sorrow, joy, love - all mingling together and somehow connected in a way we would never imagine.
    And at the very core of it all - peace.

  9. Life is full of highs and lows isn't it. Love the party pics!

  10. "fragility of... life" more true than the news I awoke to this am of the Co tragedy, and to think that DD was in a theatre at the same film at midnight NYC. Sent a shudder through me. Another reminder for all of us to set the petty aside and truly focus on life's essential purpose, who we love.

    i know you are a mite weary right now but things will settle and soon you can go regroup in your lovely Fl hideaway.
    Sending you much love

  11. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friends. Life certainly throws us curve balls, doesn't it? Hope the good days outshine the bad ones xo

  12. Sorry comment got hung up. Lovely recap photos. Both cakes look so classy together. Color scheme is awesome.

    So sorry you are in the midst of struggles. Life is difficult to understand sometimes. Please know I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

  13. Just HAD to meet the 'polenta lady'! And I am glad I did!
    Life has a habit of throwing us curve balls and you appear to have the 'recipe' to get through them! So good to meet you Chania.


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