Saturday, July 28, 2012

Say Bonjour Balto

Bonjour Blog Readers

Ce'st Balto

I'm an hour away from a house full of guests to celebrate the Raz Man's Birthday. It's a gorgeous night and we shall be dining outside. I've decorated the massive table with flowers and mismatched bits as it is a very casual dinner. Sausages and chicken on the BBQ, baked potatoes and corn on the cob, followed by vanilla cake with strawberries. And I'm going to introduce Balto to my friends. The good thing is 6 out of 10 of my dinner guests are from Montreal and are French speaking, so he will feel right at home. His English?  Not so good. We have agreed to speak Fringlish.

I picked him up on Thursday, doing the "pass off" from the foster family to me at the back of a school parking lot at 7 am. I am sure it looked like a drug run at first, passing bags of stuff from one car to the other. It was love at first sight. He's adorable, gentle and sweet and moved in like he had always been here. I am so thrilled with him. He may not have long with us because he is already 12, but I can guarantee that his twilight years will be filled with love. And Birthday cake!


  1. Your table setting is absolutely charming and the cake more than worthy of it.

  2. This looks just gorgeous!!!
    Might get in the car and roll on down the 401 myself, lol

    Have a great night!

  3. Your outdoor setting is absolutely lovely! And the dog has the prettiest soulful eyes... I volunteered at an animal shelter once and ended up bringing home an older small dog. Best mannered dog I ever had! He's gone now, but have his ashes to remember him by. Good karma...that's what you're building up!

  4. Happy Birthday to Mr. Raz and I hope you enjoy this lovely evening in your pretty backyard. Balton is sure to enjoy himself if gateau is involved.

  5. I'm in Balto-love already!
    Beautiful party tables...happy birthday Raz-man!

  6. I love SWEET posts . . . like this. I already feel like I am in love with Balto. His story had me in a flash . . . and that Balto is going to live with you in RazLand . . .THE BEST . . .Happy Borthday to RazMan . . . Enjoy a beautiful evening!

  7. Hello Chania

    Happy Birthday to the Raz Man

    I have been thinking of you and wondering about the dog. I am assuming he is cat friendly. Thank you for what you are doing in giving him a home for his Autumn years. This is very kind and good of you.

    Helen xx

  8. I am just dropping in after awhile away. I wanted to say how lovely your old dog is and that I hope he still has some years with you. How wonderful for you and him to have found each other. My dog is also 12. Your outdoor setting is gorgeous. I love how you set the table with the flowers. Just beautiful. "Happy Birthday" to your hubby. Deb

  9. Bonjour Balto! My word, for 12 years old he looks so well. I'm sure he has many years in him yet. I'm so happy that you have adopted him Chania. It's just wonderful :)

  10. Oh Chania I'm SO HAPPY Balto's found a new home with you....You are a tres MAGNIFIQUE....!!!!!

    I hope Mr Raz enjoys his Birthday....!!!!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  11. Happy Birthday Hubby... Welcome home Balto and cute cake Chania.
    I'm sure a great time was had by all and of course Balto looks happy, he already knows he's loved.

  12. Balto is so handsome! What an ordeal he has been through. God bless you for taking him in. He deserves to be loved all the days of his life. Hubby's birthday celebration looks fabulous. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Balto, you don't look a day over 6! Happy Bday to RazMan. What a lovely patio scene - I am envious of your guests. Does this mean Balto is yours??? Ann

  14. Oh how lovely. Love you BALTO. I'm sure your hubby had a great Bday.

  15. Birthday wishes to the hubster. Your table and patio look absolutely gorgeous as your cake. And Balto, what can I say? What a beautiful face, lucky dog!

  16. Celebration all round, Beautiful table, good food and friends to share it with and above all the lucky dog Balto, here's to many happy years together.

    Thank you to giving this older boy a loving home.


  17. Welcome to Balto! Happy Birthday RazMan. Looks like a lovely evening ahead. Hope your spirits are brighter these days, Chania. Thinking of you!

  18. How wonderful! It sounds like a match made in heaven. And the backyard looks magnificent!

  19. Happy Birthday to The Raz Man, it looks like he'll be having a lovely celebration! And how wonderful for Balto to spend his twilight years with people who will love him dearly!


  20. Bonne fête Raz Man!

    As for Balto those eyes are saying -- Je vous remercie de tout cœur -- and Balto is not only saying it for himself. He is saying it for his former owner, former neighbors and all of us who have read this.

  21. everything looks smashing, chania! the whole deck area, table and chairs and decoration and flowers and the cake....but especially delightful, is the peaceful look on your new doggies face.

  22. Chania...... I am so happy for you all.....what a sweet boy....I can't wait to "get to know him". cheers for a wonderful celebration for The Raz Man.....

  23. He's so cute! I'm so glad things are working out and you have a new member in your family! Happy birthday to your guy too :)

  24. I am a mess :)
    Every time I think of him being with you, having his last days spent happy and comfortable, I cry.
    I miss Pup. Please give Balto a big hug and kiss from me ... bises ~
    love. C

  25. Beautiful table, beautiful dog. :-)

    This is the kind of party I want to attend.


  26. Bless your heart! Yay for rescuing this sweet boy!


  27. I just read your comment over at Karen at this old popped over. I think Canada is marvelous by the way, with their attitudes about gay marriage. I'm mostly ashamed of a lot of Americans.
    Read about your 'Balto' and must say.....he is a gem, and so are you for giving him his forever home, even if forever isn't long.
    Kudos to you.
    Love it.

  28. I have tears in my eyes reading this post. We just said farewell to our 13 yr. old yellow lab. He was un Québecois as well and we were lucky to adopt him at 1 and half from a family that were abandoning him due to a divorce. I am sure Balto will enjoy what is left in his life with such a kind-hearted person at the helm. When I get over this hump I will head over to lab rescue and see what awaits us. Thanks for always inspiring us to do so.


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