Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Customizing an Ikea Sofa.

With the addition of feather cushions, replacing the back cushions.

Ektorp as you buy it

Squishy feather backs make it WAY more comfortable
Let's talk about Ektorp...the classic Ikea slip covered sofa that really is the best slipped sofa in it's class. It come in a sectional, a love seat and a 3 seater, as well as the sofa bed. All of these sit quite nicely, except the sofa bed. Girl Child bought the sofa bed as it was a wee bit longer than the love seat, but not as long as the 3 seater. A demi- sofa in Designers terms.

The problem with this sofa, is the back pillows. They are quite poufy with very little squish, making it feel more like you are sitting on the sofa, rather than sinking into it. While fine for chatting with guests, it is just plain NOT GOOD to sit and watch telly on, or curl your legs and read a book. The depth of the seat is just not deep enough to house those big poly filled seat backs. It's not just me. Daughters butt was complaining too!

When I sell a sofa to a client, I always recommend feather wrapped seats and backs if the budget allows. It sits differently and more comfortably. If you can't do both, do feather backs. This sofa was however in a sale bin, the price was right, the look was right, but the comfort was really lacking. I decided to give it a quick fix. I purchased from IKEA 3, 26" feather pillow forms ($12.00 each) and three 26" cream nubby linen pillow covers also from Ikea. They were a wee bit more cream than the sofa, so I washed them in the machine with a bit of bleach. They came out super soft and gorgeous and the exact colour of the sofa. I took them to the condo yesterday and Girl Child was thrilled with the look, and the overall look of the sofa. The linen made a nice contrast and made it a little more upscale.

I am happy to report that all behinds are now quite pleased with the little Ektorp upgrade.


  1. What a great idea. I love the thought of a little customization.

  2. I have an Ashley sofa - but I did the same thing a few years ago - threw out the original pillow backs - and replaced them with down pillows -
    Everyone comments when they sit down on the sofa!
    You also end up with more " butt " room, lol - those original backs take up a lot more space!

  3. Super idea, and it looks a lot more country chic now as well.

  4. I love the look. I have an Ektorp loveseat that we bought maybe 6 years ago? Anyway, last year I bought a 3 seater and found it too be less comfortable than the older loveseat. I am going to try this idea. I agree with you, feather is better!!

  5. What a great idea! I have the Ektorp sectional but the back cushions have all gotten misshapen and look awful. I wonder if I could do this with it.
    I suppose it depends if they have the slip covers for the pillows in the colour I need.
    I'll check it out.

  6. Clearly you are a brilliant designer Chania.

  7. A great mind picture and selling-point for why the cushions had to change; "it is just plain NOT GOOD to sit and...curl your legs and read a book."

  8. wonderful solution, chania. I like that sofa, even more with the back cushions you changed out. donna

  9. ahhahaha. fabulous solution. i couldn't agree more re the comfort of the ektorp. i've also purchased ektorps off of craigslist for seriously next to nothing and re stuffed the existing cushions with poly and down. with a new slipcover they are better than new! i'm so happy all the butts in your home are happy! xo

  10. Chania what a BRILLIANT idea....Though if I were your daughter, I'd be taking advantage of the new COMFORT factor by turning that lounge around to enjoy that YUMMY view....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  11. LOVE this genius idea. I have been thinking exactly that abt my Ektorp loveseat--that the rigid back cushions are a drag. Just to check: The one above with the 3 pillows you bought is a loveseat, right? I think the Ektorp sofas had three seat cushions and the loveseat just two--but they've made so many versions, who knows? I want to buy the right am't of piilows/cases to get just the effect you did. Again, pure genius!


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