Sunday, August 12, 2012

Simply .Knackered

I'm in a mood lately. One of feeling knackered. Tired of my things. Fed up with my bits and stuff. Craving a plainer look and a simpler decor. Where once a blind with nice curtain panels felt right on the window, now just the blind seems to suffice. An arrangement of flowers and books and odd bits on the coffee table, seems busy and annoying.  It's a "less is more attitude". Which surprises me because I've always been a collector of old things and enjoyed a layered look. So, I've been purging. Keeping only what I love, or need. The kids are the beneficiaries of my mood, carting home odd carpets, curtains etc. with delight. "One mans junk...." as the saying goes. I'm sitting here with odd tables around, pictures down off walls, and pillows moved around trying to pare down to the minimum of what I want and need. The massive dog bed, and the new addition of my newly adopted boy, Balto, seems to juxtapose my intentions somewhat, but they pull at my heartstrings, so they are on the "KEEP" side of my list.


  1. Spring cleaning just came a bit late. I have been in the same frame of mind. I don't have much storage so my sister went home with a bunch of stuff. She has a bigger house. I'm sure your kids appreciate the family mementos. It means more when they are given in life and not after death.

  2. I've been feeling the same way! We're house sitting at my dad's until Sept. then we're going to a place of my own and I've already decided it's going to be less "knick knacky"! Less to dust that way too:)

  3. Hi there, Razzy! Always good to see you! I do love to draw on your beach place for inspiration, and I am sure I will continue to once I find my own little coastal place. Send me a photo of your chair! I can't figure out exactly how to get those seats off. The cambric is rotten where I pulled it back, but it is so dirty I didn't want to handle it. I assume there must be a screw or two under there. The chairs do not seem wonky (which is good) but those seats seem kind of stuck. I got them for 17.25 each. If I can't get them out, I thought these might be good ones to experiment with painting the fabric as i have seen some of the bloggers doing.

    Hope you all are enjoying your summer.

  4. Would your kids like some more stuff? As I'm packing I'm wondering why I have it all? Love that doggie is fitting in and part of the family. Ann

  5. I know exactly what you're saying. I've been paring down for awhile now. Alas, one daughter doesn't want my bits and the one that does has no room.

  6. As you know I hit knackered several months this an age thing? a state of the world thing? I have loved collecting for so many decades and now I purge without regret or remorse????
    Perhaps it is just it's all too much overload necessary to tilt the world back on a proper axis?

    AS soon as i know if DD will or won't head to LA I can purge the really big stuff..I'm holding it now in case she wants it..which she says she does...I can furnish her entire place!!! That's s awful to admit. I have two housefulls full!

    I think the living room of yours looks grand..AGAIN always <3

  7. I get in those moods. Sometimes on my blog I'll want to pare down. As I sit here recuperating, I look at all the "stuff" sitting with weeks layers of dust on them. And I think about starting to pitch.

  8. I love minimal too, but in saying that, you have away of putting everything together which looks brilliant. Mine tends just to look cluttered.

  9. I feel your pain, I have times like this too, where I'm just ready to start all over and get rid of most of my stuff. Sometimes I think it has more to do with getting rid of the "clutter" in our lives, which manifests itself as decluttering our homes. Maybe what you need is just a little break from life and some "me" time or "you and me" time with the Raz Man? I think Florida is calling your name! ;-)


  10. I go through this from time to time - when I look around and it just feels cluttered and messy even though each piece is placed methodically.
    Sometimes I want to throw it all off with one fell swoop of my hand -
    But somehow it comes back - albeit in new pieces - but just as crowded as ever, lol.
    Are you menopausing? lol
    Joking but serious at the same time ( those hormones will wreak havoc with who we are!!! )

  11. Sometimes purging "things" is an outer reaction to purging of the inner junk. It's also interesting what goes and what stays when you look at it.


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