Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Snoop Dog

I will fully admit to being a bit of a snoop. Not into people's business, but definitely into their houses.  While I would never open a cupboard or drawer in someone else's house, I allow my eyes to freely roam and scan a room for every little detail. I take in everything on a mantle or table and feast on the titles on the bookshelves. I'm totally into looking at other peoples stuff. 

Here's a snoop into my bedroom at what I keep on my dresser. A very old jewelry box holds my more precious Bits, the rest being tossed into a tray or hung on the old wall sconces. It's a good way to keep the necklaces from getting tangles, and I like seeing them all together in a bunch. The other sconce is draped with pretty ribbons that I can't face throwing away, so I keep them and think they look pretty dangling down under the light. The bamboo Chippendale chair is a favorite of mine. I actually found it on the road on Junk Day. The seat was all broken and I had my upholsterer make a new one with a little padding and a yard of fabric. My neighbor who chucked it out kicks herself every time she sees this chair looking so fine in my house.  


  1. What people enjoy looking at in their homespeaks volumes about them...a great way to get to know you better Chania. My girlfriend's daughter did a who art series on peoples' junk drawers.
    I 'rescued' a giant rattan wreath from the roadside on garbage day a month or so ago...have it hanging in my garden...looks amazing. I know the previous owner would kick him/herself too!

  2. One of my favorites . . . letting my eyes roam through a room, landscape, garden. Ideas bloom in the process. I think it is why people love Pinterest . . . so much for the eyes to see.

    Ribbon saving and keeping it visual . . . gives me ideas. Love your old jewelry box . . . Jewelry in and of itself says something about us. . . like the large bedazzled watch in the lower corner of the tray . . . something I think you would wear, how I picture you . . . across the wire waves, fun, funky, stylish, comfortable with self. Fun post!

  3. I think that's why we all read blogs and love to see see other people's stuff! I think you have such a great personal style and I always love seeing your photos. The silver mirror is so pretty leaning against the wall on your dresser. The sconces are pretty too, with your jewelry and ribbons draped across them. I admit, when I saw the title of your post, I thought it was going to be about Balto. Hugs to him.

  4. I love that dresser! and that bracelet in the last photo. I'm with you - I love looking at peoples stuff.

  5. Hello Chania

    You have given my ideas on using some silver trays which I have hidden away in a drawer. The ribbons are great too and add colour. The chair is a treasure.

    Hope your week is joyful


  6. Love this look, deliberately casual, with fabulous bits and bobs.

    I too am an incorrigible snoop. Thanks for the snoop around.

    xo Jane

  7. I tend to think of myself as a voyeur, rather than a snoop. I do love to see what people choose to surround themselves with, looking for the things that provide glimpses into who they really are. In my profession I search this out as well, helping people to articulate what makes them who they are. We are all a melange of the things we experience and what we pick up through our senses. Our homes are the most natural place for this to be expressed.

    Thanks for providing a glimpse into your Self. The passel of ribbons strikes me as most charming, and I adore that chair.

  8. My eyes zoomed past it all and zeroed in on the dresser. My kind of shape and finish and soft worn caramel...
    Remember my pie safe in the dining room? Same finish..sigh <3

  9. I bet your neighbour is kicking herself for throwing that chair out. But then she would never have made it look as good as you have, Chania. It goes so well with that lovely old chest of drawers. The beads on the wall set it all off.

  10. Having been a writer of homes for so many years I can't help checking out everything in a room either...occupational hazard?! I think the sconce idea is pure genius, and I'd be kicking myself too if I had thrown out that lovely chair...glad you rescued it!


  11. Don't you just love finding "junk" and then turning it into a treasure?! I'm a snoop too! I love to see other people's styles and tastes. If anyone were to snoop around my new home these days, they would find a lot of boxes and areas where I am trying to establish some comfy familiarity. What I've always liked..... I'm very bad to even admit this.... is to walk at night and see inside people's windows and their everyday lives going on... Wonder what walkers think when they look in our windows in the evening? Ann


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