Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1. RH catalogue for baby and child 2. Cross from Mexico 3. A sliver box made in Barbados from a broken piece of china..a git from a friend) 4. Pretty filigree on this old wall lamp. 5. the pretty but unbalanced mug from Anthropologie 

I've been perusing baby names, and also names for grandparents in different cultures....since I was born in Kenya, I thought a Swahili name for the Raz Man and I would be fun. That would make me Bibi, and the Raz Man, Babu. No-one seems that impressed with this, but they don't realize I'm dead serious. If anyone has a good nick name for a granny and granddad, I'd love to hear it. I've also been looking at baby furniture...have you seen what Restoration Hardware has for babies...quite grand.

I always feel like baking in the Autumn...I've got a few banana loaves in the oven to repay kind neighbors who leave food on my front porch all the time. Last night my friend Disey knew I was on my own and dropped by a huge bowl of spicy meatballs and sausages in her homemade tomato sauce. You just can't beat that kind of neighbor. The other day I was eating a gorgeous coconut lemon square. The Raz Man asked where I got it. "on the front porch" I said. "who left it?" he asked....and I had to admit I had no idea, it was there when I got home from walking Frenchie. So, if you want to poison me, just leave cake on the porch, I'll eat first and ask questions later.

I loved this mug from Anthropologie despite not like initials on things. Love the colour of this, however, it's pretty but not so stable. The handle sits quite low and isn't very functional or comfortable when you have a full mug of tea.

Frenchie has recovered nicely from his surgery. The vet is so concerned about his fear of vets, she has me call from the parking lot and she comes outside to check him. A few cookies on the floor and those butt stitches were out without him knowing it. After a long walk in a few minutes, I'll be ready to settle in to watch the X Factor (I love L.A. Reid, when he really likes a song and starts bobbing and swaying his head and closes hi eyes). I'm also thrilled to have Dexter back (there's a name you cannot name your baby) and if anyone is looking to a FABULOUS AUSSIE drama, download RAKE. You'll love Richard Roxburgh playing the bad ass Cleaver Green.


  1. What lovely neighbours you have! It must be nice to be part of a caring community, like the good old days when I was growing up.
    I'm glad to hear your furry guy is doing well. The poor thing, but as I say, he is so lucky to have you x

  2. Okay, so first off...I want your neighbours! And then, I want your vet! I have been on the search for a vet that I feel I can trust but still no luck. I think it is very appropriate that you use Bibi and Babu.

  3. Bibi and Babu - I love those names for grandparents! Who can I phone to sway the vote ?

    Love your neighbors - how generous! We should all be one and have one :>)

  4. Our neighbors at the yellow house are like that. Your vet is definitely stellar. Restoration Hardware is over the top in many areas. I will be going to the RH Outlet next week (North Georgia mountains) and they have a baby section. I always get lost under the grand chandeliers. Sometimes you have no input into what the baby calls you. The child makes it up and it sticks.

  5. John and I ( blended union ) decided on Lolli and Pop as our " official " names for his grandchildren ( I don't have any by blood yet - but I most definitely am LOLLI by heart )

  6. i like those grandparent names.
    i am mimi and my husband is pops.
    it's a take on his grandparents names, mamie and papa.


  7. Avo (a-vau) for grandmother and avo for (a-vou) grandfather. Accent marks make them sound differently even though they are spelled the same but I don`t have the proper keyboard. This is in Portuguese.

    I live in Oakville but my neighbours do not cook for me, lol! Lucky lady!

    So happy for Frenchie.


  8. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow and tell my student from Kenya say grandma and grandpa to them in Swahili. They will love that. I wish I had neighbors that left food. That tells me you are a wonderful person. You had asked me about our moose antler. We have a friend that shed hunts in Ontario. He gives us an antler every now and again. We mounted the grouse my husband got on it, because they looked so wonderful together. Good luck with the kid and grandparent names.

  9. I have found that being named by a grandchild, usually comes from the child.
    You can start out with a name that you like and everyone has thought about and agreed upon, all but that little one. Who will start calling you whatever name he/she thinks belongs to you.
    And that name will be all the more precious because of that.

  10. Your neighbors who drop off front porch food delights have to be the best . . . Meat balls and sausages . . . what treats!

  11. You have some wonderful neighbours. Funny how some neighbourhoods just mesh together and others don't.
    I'm a traditionalist when it comes to names for babies and grandparents so I'd probably be no help in that department.

  12. I love the names you're considering but I agree usually the baby decides. In our house all grandfathers were pappap and my dad signed all his cards to the kids pap2 because of his Dad..All grandmothers were plain grandma.

    My friend Sue's Mom was Oma, as was her Mother. I like that also. German....My friend Sue does not like that as she says it makes her feel old, so she calls herself grandma?

    I loved considering baby names and still love to think about grandchildren..but who knows?

    Porch food- lucky you..around here neighbors just have their dogs poo in your yard and break into your cars... sigh ..lala land

  13. I have that mug. Everything you say about it is true. My daughter insists that when she has children she wants them to call us Meemaw and Pop Pop. This is how she refers to us to her cat, so I think it will probably happen. I picture two old, bent framed people when I hear those names. I rather like the ones you picked! Lovely neighbors and a lovely, kind vet. Glad Frenchie is doing better. Ann

  14. Hello Chania,
    I think you look too young and cool to be know as 'granny' just yet! My Swedish friend is called 'Babou' which suits her, it's not Swedish as I tried to find the meaning but I did find this link which may help...
    Happy to see Frenchie is doing well.

  15. My granddaughter's maternal grandparents have been called "Nonnie" and "Bompa" by all grandchildren to come along, simply because that's how the first one pronounced them. The godmother (who is dear friends with "Nonnie" and of the same age) is referred to as Grananna. I love all the names.


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