Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bath Pouff Makes Huffington Post and further instructions..

Yes the infamous Bath Puff costume that Girl Child and her friend made last Halloween has made the Huffington can see it HERE

Before I try to go over the instructions again below, (original instructions HERE) I want to mention that this costume was made with no instructions. A year ago there wasn't a bath puff on Google. Now there are hundreds

Each girl did it her own way. We did not document it at the time as we did not expect to become the experts on bath puffs. I spent a good 2 hours (and later countless emails) writing a tutorial, including a mini mock up and replying to emails. I did not, and do not make money from writing bath puff how to's. So, if you can follow my version, great, if not don't start emailing me and telling me that you wasted your money, it didn't work, your costume sucks and you are out gas money to Fabricland and back. There are no guarantee's. A little thought, plus the tutorials on these links and readers comments should please...don't get lathered up.

I posted instructions on how to make this costume before, however I am getting daily emails about it. Half of you had no problems, and half of you a lot of trouble. A quick overview follows, plus Bath Puff #2's method.

1. Buy NETTING.  Not Tulle
2. You need to create several smaller pouffs and attach them to yourself. Make the bunches like you would a pom pom. Fold fabric into layers, tie in middle and fluff up.
3. Attach them to yourself. Either pin them onto a body suit or tie each bundle onto a piece of elastic cut to fit your waist. Tie on several bundles. Then make another layer with another piece of elastic so you have little skirt like tutu like layers.
4. You may need more bundles so you may need t buy more fabric
5. Fluff yourself up by separating the layers.

Here is the way Bath Puff 2 made her costume.

I am "girl child's" friend in the photo. I made my loofa a tad differently so I'll post my instructions too.

I bought a simple black cotton stretch skirt, and black cotton stretch tube top from H&M ($8 each). Then I also cut the Tulle lengthwise into segments. TO be honest, I did not measure them. However I scrunched up each segment and held it together with an elastic and they were each about the size of a large bath puff. 
Next step: I pinned each segment to the shirt until it was full. Then I did the same to the skirt. I fluffed them up making sure you couldn't see any black fabric from my skirt or shirt. Then I added a few extra scrunched up tulle puffs and pinned them - just for added volume.