Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birthday Girl

Today is the birthday of a very special someone to me. My daughter in law Tracy, and the soon to be mother of my grandchild, is celebrating her 28th birthday today.

When my son met Tracy and brought her home for the first time, we not only fed her pork, which she doesn't eat (but politely endured) we knew right away that she was perfect for him. Bright and energetic, intelligent and athletic, we knew they were a good match. When he graduated and moved to Montreal to be near her, we were sad to have the distance between us, but encouraging and happy he was following his heart. We were thrilled when they married and indeed our 2 families merged without a hitch. The 4 girls treat each other like sisters and the in laws have embraced our son completely, and opened their hearts to us also. 

Despite coming from a very strong, closely knit family, I offer her all the love and support I have, and I know it comes from a place that in my heart that holds her very dear and considers her one of my own. Happy Birthday to our sweet dear Tracy. 

The cake is in the mail. (well UPS)


  1. Happy Birthday Tracy!

    It sounds like a match made in heaven for every one.

  2. Very nice Chania . . . Love the "toothpick held cake dancers!". (HOW can you send a CAKE?)

  3. happy Birthday TracY. The cake is gorgeous.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Birthday Girl !
    I know how you feel ... it is a gift when your child marries someone that you can love as much as if they were your own. And it is a gift to be the girl who has a Mother in Law who loves her that much :)

  5. Hello Chania,
    It is so much easier when it works out like that, happy families are such a blessing. Beautiful cake. A very Happy Birthday to your Tracy...
    (and thank you)

  6. I hope I will be as fortunate some day <3
    Cake? Mail? really?
    You never cease to amaze.....

  7. Happy Birthday to Tracey. It's always so nice when the families truly join together and get along so well. Makes for happy memories. Lucky girl to get that pretty cake! Ann

  8. You didn't lose a son but gained a lovely daughter-in-law. Happy birthday to her.

  9. Who wouldn't love you and want to be a part of your family?

    She's a lucky girl.

    Happy Birthday Tracey.

    xo Jane

  10. I can feel the love all the way to the east coast! Happy Birthday Tracey!
    Now for a piece of cake!

  11. You mail cakes? Awesome and happy day to Tracy.

  12. Happy Birthday to your Tracy...I had no idea one could mail cakes?

  13. You are a very special Mother-In-Law to give your Daughter-In-Law such rave reviews. It is great when family respects and loves each other.

  14. I'm late but I wanted to wish Tracy a Happy Birthday as well. I hope it was the best birthday ever!

  15. You are a fabulous mother-in-law! It isn't too many families that feel so close like yours. My MIL is just as fabulous too, after being married to my guy for 21 years my MIL feels like my own mom!


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