Monday, November 19, 2012


Saturday Morning Market St. Petersburg

Coffee and dancing at the Saturday Morning market

Silver tray clock

Singing to the dolphins

Looks like a movie..

African music one minute then closed due to swarming bees.

It seems that when you live in the Sunshine State, you never run out of things to do. We had company for a few days and now they want to buy a house here in St. Pete. Entertaining is super easy when the skies are clear and blue. We popped in to the Saturday morning market, had coffee on the beach in Pass a Grille listening to live music and watching the dolphins swim past. An open air craft market on Central Avenue was a perfect way to show them the artsy side of the city. And when there's nothing going on you can walk and bike ride and sit outside. I'm working up the nerve to dance in market on Saturday morning.


  1. You? Work up the nerve? I feel it will just come naturally and then they'll be no stopping you.

    xo jane

  2. Looks like fun. I think I'd like it there.

  3. Go for it . . . dance to your hearts content! Looks like great fun .. . .

  4. Must have pictures of you dancing at the market! Isn't it funny the difference perspective makes? I always felt that we had nothing to show visitors when they came to FL, but you are right. Most are grateful for the pleasant weather, the closeness of the beach and the eclectic mix of people who live in that state. Hmmmmm. Sounds a lot like here where I have a new perspective. If it ever rains.... there is a HUGE bookstore in St. Pete. They claim "the world's largest". I went there once in the 1980s and always wanted to go back before we moved. It's still there. Might be called "Sandy's". Not sure, but I've heard its pretty great. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the pool. Ann

  5. You go girl! Dance like nobody's watching!

  6. Hey Chania, hold a dance for me!! I love to dance and will get you out on the dance floor....or sand....whatever!

    What a great break from Canada's cooler weather.....watching the dolphins swim by....I love it!

  7. I wanna buy a house there too! It sounds fantastic!


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