Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pistachio Green and Pink Houses

Look at that Bird of Paradise on the right of the door

Iron work over window and barrel tiled roof. Barrel tiles were once hand made and shaped over the thigh of the craftsman.

Some interesting windows and tiles.

Since this is sea water, all the boats have a lift to protect from barnacles and the tide.

The pretty bridge leading to Snell Isle

One of the lovely mansions that line the shore of Snell Isle.

We interrupt our morning walk with a dolphin sighting right near the Snell Isle bridge

Pistachio green house.

Look at that stucco...all created with stucco leaves. They were building a wall around the garden and a craftsman was recreating this stucco. He was Spanish and spoke very little English but he was happy I was taking photos of his work.

Such an interesting roof line.

Notice the double doors leading to the balcony with iron railing.

Laurel wreath in niche and decorative finials.

Complete with vintage t-bird

I do love a pink house.

Cute as can be

You can tell by my photos that I have a bit of an infatuation with Spanish style houses. And here in St. Petersburg, there is no shortage of amazing examples of Spanish Colonial Revival homes. I love the quirky roof lines, iron gates and ironwork on the windows, the old brick walkways and delicious stucco, some of which is troweled on like icing on a fancy cake. And of course the colours are most striking. Pistachio green, lemon yellow, purple and pink are all prominent. The barrel tiled roofs help to keep them insulated and cool and the foot thick walls make them a good choice in hurricane prone Florida. My walk yesterday took me past so many fine examples. Had I snapped them all, I would have been gone a very long time. A pair of frisky dolphins passed me making their way north through Coffee Pot Bayou. It's easy to keep occupied here with the beautiful waterfront, show of homes, birds, dolphins and sunny skies. 

Our American neighbors are gearing up for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Walmart employees are talking about striking in protest of the 8 pm Thanksgiving day opening. Seems Walmart can't wait for Black Friday morning. I feel bad for the employees. How can you enjoy the holiday knowing you have to rush through dinner and get to work. Shame on you Walmart.


  1. Love your walking tour and interst in Spanish Colonial Revival homes . . . You are just one reason blogging is such fun, interesting, educational . . .
    I thank you for you . . .

  2. Hi Chania,
    It was just like taking a stroll with you, a feast for the eyes so thank you (as it is raining here!). It pleases me to see you are having a good time. Really like the way you notice the details too!
    Have fun!

  3. Hi Chania!

    I`d love to see more pictures of YOUR beautiful house!


  4. Those are gorgeous homes, I love the pistachio green one! I too love the Spanish homes.

    I agree about Walmart being open, I think it's disgusting and I feel for those who work there. Everything should be shut down for the day IMO, the way holidays used to be!

  5. Shame on all the stores opening on Thursday., though Walmart started it...BUT here's the rub. If the consumers wouldn't leave their homes and their families, leave the conversation and sharing in the living room..leave the nursing home early, and rush to the stores- the stores would not do it.

    Growing up we did not have gas stations open and few restaurants open on Sunday, so all day at grandma's was common. That part of the good old days was better for sure.

    Are you having your second Thanksgiving of the year you foreigner? lol and do Canadians do the sweet potato thing also?

  6. It is so beautiful there! I love the stucco leaves, the roof line and those concrete pineapples on the wall. Have a happy American thanksgiving and no shopping at Walmart! (no matter how great the bargains are)

  7. Oh my, your photos amke me yearn to be in's been since June. Love the landscape and the blue skies. Enjoy your time in St. petersburg and don't forget to dance at the market. Find some good Prosecco also and indulge!
    Happy American Holiday to you and the RazMan.

  8. Geez! I don't know what colour I'd pick for my home there!! I am partial to the pistachio green, then the pink is second....

    I can see Chania,that you are having a great time there.....good for you and have a great Thanksgiving there!!

  9. I ADORE walking around and snooping at other peoples' houses! I especially like twilight, when the lights are on and you can see inside a little (okay, that's not at ALL creepy LOL). You've taken some wonderful pictures of those lovely old houses.


  10. Too bad about Walmart and the poor people having to work .
    Holidays in Buenos Aires are taken very seriously. On Christmas Eve Buenos Aires turns into a ghost town. Everyone is either away or with family, all stores, restaurants etc are closed until Christmas night or the day after. It can be mildly annoying but at the same time, the holidays are for people to celebrate with family so I think it is great.

    I love St Augustine and I love the stucco , Spanish style homes. Reminds me of my childhood in San Diego, Ca. Have a good Thanksgiving ! We will wait until we are there to have a turkey :)

  11. I thought I hated Spanish style homes, but you have converted me! I love those houses. I also love that you taking the photos of the Pistachio went beyond the language barrier. Kudos to you for making someone feel good about their work, and cool work it was. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for changing my mind.


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