Friday, November 2, 2012

Pool Cam

Pool Cam

Either it rained hard in Florida last night or .....
they`re filling the pool. 

Ok, I see the hose at the one end so I guess someone left it on all night on purpose.
 The thing is with this pool build from afar, I like to fret about it. 
And, it`s not been without it worries. From the first week with the Inspector changing all the elevations and making them raise it by 6``, to the entire 30`foot wide patio at the bottom having to be taken up because of a misplaced drain, and then the pathway not lining up to the gate by nearly a foot and having to be redone, I`ve lost confidence. 
Then I discover that the coping I selected was not recorded properly on the spec sheet. And there`s nothing I can do as I signed off on the spec sheet.
 In my head I know I picked something else (I can visualize the exact spot on the shelf of samples my pick was sitting on) and I would have never done coping the same brick as the patio, which is kinda like painting your walls blue and the trim. 
But, the SPEC sheet with my signature is carved in stone (pun intended) and the coping is a mixed blend of 3 colors that I love on the patio but really dislike on the coping. It doesn`t work well with the Mexican tile but it`s done now and I have to live with it.  And besides, there`s a lot more going on that should have my attention than a stupid pool. 

My brother and his family in New Jersey are all Ok. My pregnant daughter in law and her family who are currently in NJ are all ok, but without power and apparently charging phones at a local mall. DIL and her sister are to travel home today to Montreal but can`t get gasoline yet.

Close to my heart this week is a special someone having a stem cell transplant in New Jersey under the care of a brilliant team of people.  
You can save a life by signing up to be a stem cell donor...please check it out.

And.......I`m kinda wondering, given that it`s Friday, if anyone from the pool company will be stopping by to shut off that hose......


  1. Thinking of you ... and family ... today.

  2. Sending lots of good wishes, love and healing energy to you and your family right now.
    The pool looks great and here's hoping the hose is turned off at the appropriate time.

  3. I'm glad to hear your family is okay! My BIL and his wife are in Manhattan, they didn't even lose power thankfully!

    Your pool looks great! We spent the summer house sitting for my dad while he and my step-mom were at their place in Toronto...we struggled so much with their pool! From the greenies to losing water to having no chlorine reading. They're a lot of work but relaxing in it at the end of the day, with a few drinks, was wonderful:)

  4. Glad everyone is okay. It was a nasty storm and left so much destruction.

    Your pool looks pretty great. Call the neighbor who finished your benches so beautifully - maybe they will turn off the taps. Unless you want to leave it on so the water will get under the bricks and cause upheaval and they will have to redo as it was their mistake and then the coping might as well be done in the color you originally intended it to be.......
    No, it looks good - call the neighbor :>)

  5. Pool looks great and I'm glad to hear that everyone is ok

  6. Hello Chania,
    It's nice to look forward to things after all the hurricane's destruction, pool looks beautiful - sorry the coping stones aren't what you ordered. Hope the water gets turn off!

  7. Sometimes our "stuff" gets put into perspective by larger, more important events. I can totally relate to your distress regarding managing the pool situation from afar as our house in FL is about to be rented (please, hopefully) and I wonder how it will be treated by tenants. The pool is looking lovely and I hope you can call a neighbor there to shut off the hose. So glad all the loved ones in the path of the storm are okay. Soon you all will be sitting around your new pool and having a great time (although it will always bug you).

    On another note I saw the Halloween puff costume on one of the shows this week - either GMA or Ellen or The View!


  8. Pool looks good! Bet you can't wait to take a dip, Chania!
    Good to hear your friends and family are OK in NJ.

  9. Thankful your family is safe. That was a horrific storm. The pool is coming along:}

  10. Having the pool cam must be a mixed blessing!
    Glad all is well in NJ.

  11. I love it! It looks so cool and classy! I am glad your family is safe. Thanks for the updates. I kind of got hooked on the pool cam.

  12. Call someone tomorrow if the hose is still running !
    The pool is beautiful. I know it is not what you planned, exactly, but from this point of view, in all the lush green, it is a light and cool oasis .. My baby boy and his bride ( who live in Queens) never lost power, he was out of work 2 days and now back at work. NYers are the most resilient people I have ever met. God bless them !

  13. oh sweets I'm sorry... always some damn thing or 'nother. Glad all family is Ok. Hannah finally went home today.
    so thankful :D

    yes your neighbor will assist...

  14. Sending positive thoughts your way for family members and for your friend having a stem cell transplant. Happy your brother and family and DIL are okay. Devastating for us all but having family there, even more so.

    The progress on the pool is amazing . . . I love the tile. Will you be there soon to check on things? If not . . . SHOUT OUT to your neighbor!

  15. Pool looks great! Once you get your bits around it am sure you won't even notice the coping! Wishes to your family and your friend with the stem cell transplant like you say there are more things to worry about...
    Carla x

  16. It looks great. I would never have noticed about the coping stone, but I know what you mean when you have a certain look in your head and the finished product doesn't match.


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