Monday, October 31, 2011

Flowers In The House

I know.......I'm really lame........

Species:  Cyclamen
Blooms: 4- 6 weeks
Hardiness: Moderate
Simplicity for Novice plant person:  Very
Days owned: 5
Cause of demise:  Unknown..possible over watering.

I was most looking forward to joining Jane at Small but Charming blog today for her monthly Flowers in the House feature.  Yesterday, it was Sad.  Today it is Very Sad.


  1. :(
    I had this happen to me once as well - I think I also overwatered.

  2. But kind of perfect for Halloween, non?

    Maybe a little too much direct sunlight also?

    They're shade lovers by nature.

    Treat for yoy1

    xo Jane

  3. Cyclamen are fussy.
    If that apple was there all the time, that might have something to do with it .. something about gas from the fruit and such .. You can tell I am not a botanist :)

  4. All is not lost. Do not throw away. I found out that when mine get long and spindley that you need to stop watering and let them die back. Then they will start producing more shoots and it will be bushy again. I also over watered mine.

  5. I agree, they can be really fussy. There's nothing worse than spending money on a plant just to watch it dies a few days later.

  6. Very funny, Chania, and a perfect Halloween contribution!

  7. Yep......too much water....for sure. (O:



  8. Oh, Chania. That is one sad, plant. I think you can basically ignore that plant and it will perk up....eventually. ;)

  9. Oh what a shame! Does look kind of Halloweeny tho'. Enjoy your evening, love Linda x

  10. Perhaps it's where the faeries have decided to make their winter home Chania LOL!
    I kill inside plants all the time!

  11. Mine does that regularly (under watering in my case). I just pull off the dead flower stems and wait a bit. It comes back quite nicely.

  12. I'm just admiring the table underneath it.

  13. Before reading your text, I thought you had the cleverest Halloween floral display! I cast my vote with the over-waterers. Maybe repot it in fresh soil to give it a fresh start. It doesn't look lost yet to me, either.

  14. Awww it is sad. I have a terrible habit of killing indoor plants.
    I always tell people, "I'm a farmer, not a gardener."

  15. Well, death becomes her. It is beautiful anyway.

  16. Don't feel bad I do that with them in the shop too. It's so darn hot and dry in there. They need constant attention but do great in the greenhouse with overhead watering. the humidity helps too.
    Love the costumes, pillows and vintage plates too.

    happy halloween!


  17. A dead plant is very appropriate for todays showing...hahaha! Have a great Halloween!

  18. I'm with Jane. A little too much sun? And water. But yes, in the Halloween spirit for sure. Treat your cyclamen like it's growing in the woodland floor. Dappled light., cool temp and not too much soaking. Happy Halloween!


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