Friday, October 21, 2011


My blogging buddy MARK. challenged himself to purge 365 items from his house this year.  Every so often he does a post showing all the stuff he gets rid of.....He inspired me to do the same.......

This morning I opened my dining room cabinet and vowed to pull out 10 things to get rid of.  I only could get 9 right away because it really is stuffed and I didn't have time for a serious clean out today.

Going...going....soon to be gone are 2 nut choppers, 1 silver plate butter dish, 1 silver leaf plate, 1 covered glass muffin plate, a peach hand painted plate....(purchased when I had peach walls and green accessories.  I lidded casserole with fret work silver holder and 2 massive Pottery Barn candle holders with candles....(forgot to count the candles so I am officially at 11).

I am going to let family and neighbors call first dibs.....if any of you live near me (Oakville, Ontario) and want 2nd dibs...feel free to email me....otherwise it's off to the Salvation Army where Rashon would snap them right up if he lived closer........You should check out his blog Mr. Goodwill Hunting to see his latest Nate show makeover and what he does with thrift shop items.....


  1. 365! I want to do the same. I thought I had done a good job of purging but I still feel cluttered. My mind feels so jumbled when I know there's stuff hidden in cupboards or the basement...I'm off to read his posts.
    Good job and keep going!

  2. Last night at ladies club we did an exchange - bring anything you don't need/want and take anything you do. Leftovers would go to chairity. I came home with more unneeded stuff than I went with. I should have dropped and drove, instead I dropped and shopped! Look for me soon on the TV show Hoarders.

  3. Wish I was near I would so love the candle sticks!

  4. Purge was taken out of my hands when my granddaughter announced her move over the mountains to eugene .... The back of her car is full of my stuff!

  5. I've pretty much decluttered my little house over the past two years, problem is the 'stuff' got moved into the garage! Time to get serious about moving it out of there! Love the 'Mr Goodwill Hunting' blog...tks.

  6. I purged so many things when we had to do a quick clean out of our Muskoka place before moving here. I'm sure if things hadn't happend so fast, I would have hung onto a few of the things I parted with. But, hey, it just leaves room to pick up a few new pieces here and there. The treasures you're parting with are pretty darn great - wish I lived closer!

  7. I'm so proud of you! However, I got rid of ugly things and broken toys. I didn't get rid of beautiful antiques like you. Still, this is a great first step. Decluttering my house has been the best thing for me this year. After it's over, I'll continue removing unused thing on a regular basis.
    Keep up the good work and hopefully your readers will take on the mission.

  8. Really you want to get rid of those candle holders!!!!
    I'd so go to your Sally Anne and see what else you are giving away.
    But the idea is fantastic. Think I will try to give away a bit of our extra baggage too.

  9. I agree with your choices except for the nut choppers. SO cute..haha big help I am!

    You go girl!

  10. Purging your belongings is said to be good for your spirit ;)

    It's amazing how we end up collecting all that stuff. My good fortune is that every few years I move to another house in a different country and have to purge because I simply cannot take it with me.

    Still, no matter how careful I am, a few years later I have too much stuff again and can't imagine where it all came from. I swear it breeds in the drawers and closets!

  11. I did that every time we moved ... the move to Argentina required a huge purge and there are things I am sorry I got rid of.
    Therefore I am not purging anymore. I will drag It all around with me forever then leave it to my children to deal with , like any good mother :)

  12. Hi Chania! If you're sure you want to part with those candle holders I would love them!! :)

  13. Chania, I have been doing this exact thing, but I have been getting my stuff ready for a sale next month, so it's all standing around my house! I will feel like a new person when it is out and hopefully a little heavier in the wallet! Ann

  14. I wish I lived closer to you - those look like some goodies! I love the idea of purging 365 items in a year

  15. Hi Chania,

    If none of your loved ones call dibs on the feather dish or nut choppers, I would be happy to pick it up and finally get to meet you :)


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